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Monday, January 11, 2010

Appscan 7.9 tracking cookie with dynamic name Advance Option

I would urge everyone who is thinking of upgrading Appscan from 7.8x to 7.9 to take note of this. Some of the new "Advance Option" is set at the per user level rather than per scan level. This means the changes is going into the registry.
One of the interesting one which has some discussions recently involves tracking cookies with dynamic names. While the option can be accessed and changed in the existing scan file, there is no real way to put it into effect until you do a re-scan which effectively means a re-do.

The cause is the fact that Advanced Options are per-user and not per-scan. The pattern is stored in the Windows Registry.
Once a scan is started, the pattern that you use is saved in the scan file itself. This is so the scan can be migrated to another computer, where the "Advance Option" might be set to something else in that user's registry. This enables scanning on one machine then retesting from another.

Since AppScan 7.9 the option is stored in the Scan Template file, however it is not accessible via the UI.
You can manually change the pattern if required. You should, however, keep the original pattern and only add to it (it is a regular expression). Otherwise, AppScan will not know to handle existing cookies already found in the scan.

To do this for the scan template follow these steps:
1) Load you original scan file.
2) From the Scan Configuration screen, select "Export as Template"
3) Open the .scant file (XML) and search for "CookiesGroupingPattern". Should be something like this:
4) Change the pattern as you would like:
(The example finds only cookies that start with "mycookies" and have 1 to 3 a's followed by 1 to 3 b's)
5) Create a new scan based on the changed template. You can migrate the template to another machine, regardless of the pattern defined for that user.

Hint: You can change it in an existing scan file, but it is much more complicated and would probably require help from support.

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