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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Word chart does not update

I had came across a rather stupid problem. I had an Excel chart which has some data and a nice graph on a Word document. the problem was, when I wanted to edit the data and change the graph, the chart did not get updated. The data and chart is updated on the excel sheet, but no on word.

How to solve this problem:
1. Highlight the graph
2. Under the top tab, go to Chart tool.
3. Under the Data group, click Refresh Data.

Hope this helps somebody.

Force Uninstall of Symantec Antivirus

OK, for those who had tried to install this on the corporate laptop / desktop, you will usually see a prompt for password. I had presumed you have a good reason to uninstall it and since you are uninstalling it, you should have the rights to do so.

Ok, supposely you really forgot the password. First, lets hack away the password. All you need to do is to change 2 flags in the registry:


LockUnloadServices set to 0

UseVPUninstallPassword set to 0

Or simply download my registry patch here to apply the above:

After which, the rest is standard. Just uninstall NAV via Add/Remove or via MSIEXEC if you know how to go about doing it.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bullguard 9.0 to fix Windows 7 Sharing Homegroup Issue

I had recommended Bullguard to several people around because :

1. It is based on BitDefender engine which is one of the best. I will post in a near future post about a 0 day work/virus which Symantec, Kaspersky has failed and Bitdefender has caught.
2. It works in Windows 7 and the prompts is relatively acceptable. Some solution simply has too much prompt that makes it non-productive. I do not want to spend more time clicking [OK], [Remember this] then reading my email or doing my other things.

Anyway, this post is about an issue that related to Bullguard 8.7. I am using Windows 7 x64 and having issue connecting to shares and Homegroup in Windows 7. This only happens after I have Bullguard installed. As I am already a paying customer, I simple email for support and within 1 hour, I got the following:

BullGuard Support Message


Dear BullGuard User,

I am glad that you have chosen BullGuard as a security solution for your computer and that you are interested in keeping your computer safe.

I want to inform you that the conflict between the Windows 7 Homegroup and the BullGuard Firewall is a recent issue and the fix will be released in February, along with the BullGuard 9.0 version. The Upgrade to this version is free of charge.

Please remember our Support Service is available 24/7 at and , or through the BullGuard 8.x/7.x application > Support section. Do not hesitate to contact us if you require any additional assistance or information.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,

BullGuard Support Team

I am sure this sound only like good news. I am certainly looking forward to having Bullguard 9.0 and the issue resolved. Actually sharing is not a live and death thing, I could still share via my Home Server and my Remote Connection, but its just FAST using windows sharing. Thats a fact. Nothing to do with security. Just fast.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Xmas Getaway 09 Day 2 - Animal World (Morning)

The second day came and we had to walk down again to Cowboy Town for the FREE breakfast that comes with the room. I just realized I have to repeat this again tomorrow. The food is not fantastic, but will do. Even though there are choices, we decided to stick with western. It's hard to screw up a western breakfast. At least that's what I think. It was a fast breakfast because we still wanted to start our day early. We have 2 places to go today. It's the Animal World and the Water World.

We got out of Cowboy Town and managed to catch the Banana Bus which will drive us to Animal World. The strange thing is we have to pay RM1 for it. Some guest do not because they have passes (they probably paid more for their package anyway). There were lots of complain about the RM1 fare. For me, well if cheating is going to buy me that ticket to Hell, I might as well do it for a bigger deal. RM1 is not worth it. So, actually I voluntarily paid for all the Banana Bus ride here in A'Famosa, which actually did not even hit RM10 I guess...

We were early at the Animal World and Water World. They are side by side anyway. Given that yesterday was rainy, I guess it will be today too. But against all logic senses, I bought the both theme park ticket with the Buffer Lunch. It is clearly stated that if it rains, there will not be refund. So in we go to Animal World. We saw the Red Indian performers and we took a photo at the entrance. Then we took another one with the parrot on my shoulder. I bet I look like the super fat version of Jack Sparrow without the eye patch. Then we saw something which we don't get everyday. The elephants. The trainers were walking them across the park in front of the restaurant. It just walk right in front of me! No cage, no chain, nothing. It seems pretty happy though. It smells bad though... Haha, I guess that's why its not easy to keep elephants as pets.

We proceed and found a place where we can board the Lorry. OK, to be dead honest, I did not do my research about the Animal World. Its just another Zoo I supposed. I remember I visited a private Zoo in Malacca more than a decade ago. It was cheap but pathetic. I wondered if that evolved into Animal World. In any case, we were too early and the staff told us to visit the nearby Chicken House first.

The Chicken House basically has all the basic, well chicken stuff. I had seen them mostly in science labs etc. The eggs, the hens, roosters etc. But there is something of great interest here. In a glass cage, there are lots and lots of cute little fluffy yellow chicks! They will run around as you moved around! We basically burnt the 10 minutes there watching the chicks and ignoring all other chicken exhibits.

So, we were out there again at the Lorry station. I noticed what this was then. It is a Safari. Or Reverse Zoo as I called it. The animals gets a chance to see us in the cages for a change. The lorries where modified so that we can sit in behind and it is covered by a cage. There were a group of monks / nuns there too. I guess times changes too. And all professional move on. They need a vacation too. We managed to get on the second Lorry because it was filled by them in the first.

The ride was great. I mean, I had never been to a Safari before. What I saw was really fantastic. HAPPY animals. Can you believe that? The lion lazily enjoying the sun, the bear sitting down and enjoying it meals. Antelopes runs about and Crocodiles lying in their pool with their big mouth opened. These animals are actually very happy from the way I see it. It is so different from those caged in the standard zoo! I am pretty much a animal lover and this really thrilled me a lot. I did not think it is possible. To recreate the animal's natural habitat etc... Its pretty much like Zoo Tycoon if you played that game. The truck goes through zone by zone, each designed for different type of animals and separated with gates. Well, except the gate requires manual opening and closing here. The ride can get a bit fun and rough. So we held on pretty tight. Taking photographs here is very challenging due to the ride. But fortunately, the driver will stop every here and there. But the cage really limit the creativity. Well, I just sit back and enjoy the ride.

After the almost 45 minutes ride, we are back to the station. We noticed that the animal show is starting and rush off to the show. Well, in fact 2 shows. In between, we had a short walk to visit some of the other "Caged" animals. The first animal show was the Elephant show which showcase the various talents of Elephants. Basically, I had seen similar ones in Thailand. The Elephants will carried the staff in various position, play football, basketball etc. We also bought some sugarcane at RM4, but was really worth it when you feel the Elephant grab it from your hand. The only thing that is perhaps upsetting is that they actually stick the "A'famosa" sticker on the sugarcane. Perhaps they are worried that people bring their own sugarcane? Well, I think its a bad idea if the Elephant does swallow these, although I doubt it. The Elephants probably just drain the juice, eat the inside and throw away the skin. Oh, during the show, one of the elephants actually poo and pee. Haha, that was not something we see often. There was also this man who went all the way in front to take photo and was blocking everyone. People started to shout and complain, but he turned deaf year until somebody walked over and ask him to squad down. Shame on you! Must be Singaporean.

After some casual walking, we visited a second animals show with all the other animals (except elephants). Its like the Bird Park and Zoo show combined. They had parrots, seal and other animals performing on the show. Its nothing new, but still its fun and joyful to see this once in a while. One thing they did well was to have the Eagle and Parrot pick up donations from the audience hands. Its a nice way to get donations. The doners also get a bird painting (done by the bird itself) for a souvenir. However one incident happened here which I am pretty upset about. One rather naughty boy was holding the notes but he grab the bird when it landed and the bird immediately peaked him in defense. He swing and threw the bird onto the floor. And he dared to CRY! I feel sorry for the bird. In fact you can see that the staff standing behind was very unhappy with the boy's behavior. He may cried, but I am sure nobody pitied him. He pretty much asked for it.

Then I notice there is a place called Monkey Island. Well, that's the name of a PC Game I really loved too. To get there, you need to take the speedboat which uses the Yamaha 40 OBM. They actually build a treehouse on top of it which shelter the driver and the passengers. Its was a clever idea. Monkey Island actually houses some monkeys obviously. Some were even allowed to roam around. Its not big, but the most lovable creature here is probably the Slow Loris. It is caged though. So touching it was not possible (and not advisable actually).

We looked for the lunch restaurant next after coming back from the Monkey Island. The coxswain actually asked us to move front so that the water splash in. Well, I knew what to expect since I was a coxswain once too. Jane jump up onto the chair when the water came in. So we head for the restaurant which was not too far and found ourselves inside the buffer lunch restaurant. I must say, we hasn't have some real decent food for a long time. This is a good place for that. Plenty to choose from and plenty to eat. Well except I screwed up on the part of making the glass jelly drink because I mixed Tea into the Syrup water. It was ok, but I doubt this invention will catch on. I call it "Ching Chou Tea". :) We took our time and refilled. We had a water issue and did not drink much. So we took the chance to restock and reload here. I just wanted to get ourselves ready cos we have still lots to cover for the rest of the day.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Xmas Getaway 09 Day 1 - Cowboy Town

Cowboy Town was pretty much like Sovereign Hill (Australia) type of concept where they model a town like the good old west days. The only difference being that Sovereign Hill WAS a real old west town and A'Famosa was never. In any case, we were hungry as a pack of wolves. WE managed to get our tickets and without hesitation, I took the bundle with the set dinner. It target to start at 6pm, but we managed to get in early, although the restaurant was not open that early. We walked around and found the souvenir shop where we can buy cheap biscuits and snacks. That kept us going for the time being. In fact, we also found a Charity booth selling the same exact biscuit and snacks, packaged into RM5 packets. It was in fact cheaper and we bought a few. But we did not finished them and some of that came back with us back home.

Because we were early, we managed to get the ticket to enter the 4D cinema early as well. Our show was about the undersea and it start early at 6:10 with only 2 person inside. Ya, we sorta have the whole cinema to ourselves. I guess maybe other people preferred the other Office Haunting show. In any case, what is 4D? Yes, its the sense of touch. There are water spray and air blowing etc throughout the 15 minutes show. I recalled having attended one such in Sentosa, but its crazy expensive. While this is cheap and pretty good, we are happy because it is something that really kick start our vacation nice. Ya, I know, maybe I should have proposed under this environment. Its not like anyone can get a chance to "reserve" the whole 4D cinema everyday, but Jane was kinda freaky when the water spray and the chair moved and rocked a bit.

After the ride, we saw a long queue outside and was glad we had got it over. We headed straight for dinner. We basically have 3 choices, which I do not remember, but I chose Fish and Chips where Jane had Chicken Chop. Because the staff were not really the restaurant staff (they were only here to help out), service was not that fantastic. But its not poor. Just a bit slow etc. The dinner was not bad, although my Fish and Chips can be greatly improved. We even order the soup which we needed to pay since it was not included. The soup was great.

When we exited the restaurant, it had began to rain. The game booth and rides are already suffering much from the rain. There is one interesting booth though. One which you get to photograph yourself with a Tiger. Fortunately, the Tiger was under the shelter. Lucky him. But not so great for the mini ponies. They had to stand in the rain. But I guess, its part of their nature, there shouldn't be anything to worry about.

Since we had a free play at the game, we went ahead and of course scored nothing much. In any case, its just for fun. The game are old and so were the prizes. I think maybe its good we did not win anything anyway. We continue to walk about and eventually found ourselves back at the souvenir shop. The queue to enter the carnival has started and we were lucky to be able to squeeze in. But the time we got in the rain had stopped, but the floor is wet. We just have to wipe it a bit and wait until its time.

To be honest, the biggest thing for Cowboy Town is the Carnival. There are fire breathing Indians, cute and majestic animals and of course the finale fireworks. The first part mainly consists of the Red Indian performers doing fire tricks. I had rarely seen one of these, so it is pretty fun. During the show, the staff where getting their animals into the crowd to take photo together. They will put chimps on your shoulder and snake around you. Basically you get the idea. There were lots of screaming and jumping off your seats. Pretty interesting. There were a few visitors (I believe from Eastern Europe) and they will really have lot of fun (perhaps a bit too much...). In any case, their shouting and cheering is all over my video. Well, can blame others for having fun, can you?

There were food again in between the shows and naturally we bought again. I do not even remember what we bought, except for the corn, which was no as good as magic corn anyway. After the break, the animals and other features characters starts their parade and it was fun and enjoyable. The best was perhaps the elephants I guess. It is really rare to see the animals having so much fun. At least it seems to be. They were dancing to the music and walking down the road.
To top all these, there is the Firework finale. I had not seen a real firework before, so this was a real eye opener for me. With the beautiful firework just over your head and the gun powder smell in the air. This is something I cannot describe in words. You got to be there to know what I mean. The firework may seems brief, but it was really beautiful. In fact much more beautiful then some of the national day's one.

After the firework, we did not wait for the bus. We simply have a stroll back to our condo in the pale moonlight. It did not take too long for us for fall asleep.

And that is only Day 1!

Xmas Getaway 09 Day 1 - The Journey to A'Famosa

So, this is finally the day. I woke up early, hoping this will all be a smooth ride, despite the last minute planning. Work, yes that's one thing I was running as hell away from. There has been some very unhappy and disturbing argument which had confirmed my direction towards resigning in the past 2 days and after knowing all that how it will end, I guess I simply do not care anymore. Work, stay here and die here. I am on vacation.

Jane drop by early, well, not too early, but nevertheless early by our normal standard. She has to change luggage bag due to the amount she is bringing and also we had extended the vacation to 5 days. So, we were suppose to be at the Bus station at Malay Village at 7:30 and we reach at about 7:45 actually. It started to rain and we were in time to board the bus to Malacca.

I hadn't been to Malacca for a long long time. So much so that how the bus trip goes and where it ends is rather new to me. It no longer stops at the riverside bus station. In fact, there is a new multi million Malacca Sentral which holds all the bus and taxi now. Before we reach there, there is a small stop over and we had some simple food because we did not manage to catch anything in the morning. The noodles was not great, but its as good as we can get now. Jane also bought a cup of sweeten corn, but we failed to realized that the corn need to be stirred, so in the end, we had non-sweeten corn for the first half and VERY sweeten corn for the 2nd half. The corn was good however. I think it even has a website, going by magic corn or something. Oh, ya, this is the one:
We stopped by the small grocery stop to buy food stuff, which wasn't great since I can tell the flow here is not great. The food is not expired, but close and they even have magazine for 2008 around. But little did I know the big packet of Mamee noodle I bought here is a blessing in disguise.

In any case, we reach after a 4 hour ride. I was suppose to do something VERY important straight away. Because this was a 100% self plan DIY trip, tickets, hotels etc has to be settled. But as soon as I got out, I did not even remember this. Jane failed to remind me too. A friend cab driver came along and I check about the trip to A'Famosa Resort. So, before I knew it, I was on the cab to the resort, without the bus ticket for the trip from Malacca to KL 2 days later.

The cab ride was not so great because the air-con was not quite working. Although the trip cost RM60. but I guess there is no other way around it. Search up and down in google, all that turns out was "34 from Tai Lye Bus Service" was not exactly helpful or reassuring. A'Famosa is a long way from Malacca Sentral. In fact, its about 45 mins ride. I tried to find out a bit about the transport and managed to get the information that there is almost a hourly bus trip to KL from Malacca Sentral. That is a relief. The cab driver pass me his card and mentioned he could get us to KL straight from A'Famosa for RM200. Although we told him we will think about it, we knew we won't. Its not the cost, but rather the cab ride was a lot worse than the bus trip. We finally arrived at A'famosa and fortunately, I managed to remember to check in to the Condo instead of the villa, which is also not that close if you walk.

We are staying in the D'Savoy Condo. It doesn't look like anything on the website or brochure. It is rather old and stuff. In any case, I just hope everything can go smoothly. So, we got our keys and up we go. Just as I expected (and also based on info on the web), some things were not so great about this Condo. The first thing we found out was:

1. The phone is not working. So room services or any help is out of reach.
2. The toilet keeps flushing. Not that I care a lot about water bills or the environment, it is also noisy and I do not think its a great fun sleeping with this.

We down we go again to the info counter across our block to the reception on the ground floor. They mention they will send someone to fix the toilet. But as for the phone, its not working and its a know issue. They gave me a local handphone number to call, but I am hoping I do not need to do that. So, up we go again. It's already 13:30 and we had no food. Luckily we had some snacks like the Mamee Noodle we bought earlier. That kinda save us from dying from starvation immediately. We waited for a while and eventually gave up. We went down, not with our luggage, but hoping they can change our room in any case. And there the plumber was on the ground floor. So up we went again. But I still want to give credit to the plumber. He got it fix within 15 minutes. In any case, by the time this was settled, its about 4pm and we rest up and took a short walk to Cowboy Town.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

PSP Firmware 5.50 GEN-D3 Final

Recently I just realized that the firmware scene is a big mess since DA left us. I had been faithfully on 5.00 M33-6, but somehow the newer games just wont run anymore at this firmware. The Latest OFW I know is 6.20 now, which I am not too keen to upgrade too.

After some reading and testing, I found the most stable custom firmware for now would be the GEN 5.50. So again, I always provide you the link and instructions if you had been faithfully following my posts.

Here is the changelog:
5.03GEN-D3 Installer/XGEn Pandora By Yoshihiro and Team Gen.

What's up doc ?
* Compatibility with all known PSN Game/Démo from on 15/12/2009
* Compatibility with all known UMD on 15/12/2009
* Add ISO SPeed MS loading (Bêta version non really tested because we don't have any fake MS)
* Network update

Tested games :

* Tekken 6
* Gundam vs Gundam
* Phantasy Star Portable 2
* Naruto
* J-League Pro Soccer Club o Tsukurou 6 Pride of J
* Naruto Shippuden Narutimate Accel 3
* James Cameron Avatar The Game
* Phantasy Star Portable 2
* R-Type Tactics II Operation Bitter Chocolate
* Bleach Soul Carnival 2
* Battle Spirits Kiseki no Hasha
* Yamada
* etc.

Added by NemesisV:

* Metal Slug XX
* Disgaea 2
* Queen's Blade

Doesn't work:
* Soulcalibur 4 (I wonder if I did something wrong on this on...)

Donation :
If you want to support DEVS of Team GEN you can make a donation via paypal :

Tips :
to bypass the battery check please connect your AC cord.

Greetings from Team GEN :
* Yoshihiro for all his hard work
* HelldashX (Miriam) for his hard work on GEN CFW
* GENyUS and Eugene for their hard work on CFW GEn
* Total_Noob for network update
* SatilOs (icon0 and pic1)
* Nem, Booster, Kavula and all people who made all this new stuff possible
* Fanjita for all his great work on PSP scene.
* Dark_Alex for all his work on CFW
* MathieuLH for all his work on CFW and more
* (for the invizimal's Go!Cam)
* all people who send us positive messages to continue.

use it at your own risk :).
For the latest GEN CFW release visit

Team GEN

There is some optional task you may want to do first before you upgrade.
  • Backup your whole PSP Memstick (Games and Savegame being hte MOST important)
  • Disable all the plugins. Hold R and boot up. (I have CWCheat mainly, but I did not disable. It works for me.)
  • Charge your battery to >78% or plug in the power cord. (Ya, I know the USB charge also works, but highly not advisible)
To begin this upgrade, I suggest you go all the way to 5.00 M33-6 first. If you are lost, check out my previous posts. From there, you are in good to go. Get the following file.


Extract it to the root of your PSP Memory Stick. Make sure its ALL. The 550 file in the root is VERY important.
Boot your PSP and run the updater. The rest is just following instructions.
Make sure you reboot at the end of the upgrade.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Fake Flash Drive from eBay

Recently, I had been seeing something too good to be true. 16GB for less than USD$1!!! Yes, anything thats too good to be true, probably is not. It seems that international scammers (mainly from HK/China though) is basically using some hack to change the flash drive FAT table to make it look as if it is really that big where in fact it is only really 1 or 2 GB of real capacity.

There is this article that explain a simple way to test it:

Or back to the good old days, you can simply delete the partition table and recreate, it will show its true form.

Monday, January 18, 2010

DNS VU#800113 Test

I know this is old news. But with regard to the famous US-CERT VU#800113 or better known to be associated with Dan Kaminsky DNS hack, there is a good website to check if your DNS is vulnerable. The website is available at:

But, what if your DNS is already hacked, doesn't the above request bring to you to somewhere else? If it possible. So therefore, from a trust source, here is the IP address to access the test:

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Which OS are you still using now
Windows XP
Windows XP 64bits
Windows Vista
Windows Vista 64bits
Windows 7
Windows 7 64bits
Mac OS
Linux, Unix, FreeBSD, etc. free polls

Firm to Release Database & Web Server 0days

The list of vulnerability to be release probably includes:

  • Web servers such as Zeus Web Server, Sun Web Server (pre-authentication buffer overflows);
  • Databases, including Mysql (buffer overflows), IBM DB2 (local root vulnerability), Lotus Domino and Informix
  • Directory servers, such as Novell eDirectory, Sun Directory and Tivoli Directory.

Read more from:

Monday, January 11, 2010

Appscan 7.9 tracking cookie with dynamic name Advance Option

I would urge everyone who is thinking of upgrading Appscan from 7.8x to 7.9 to take note of this. Some of the new "Advance Option" is set at the per user level rather than per scan level. This means the changes is going into the registry.
One of the interesting one which has some discussions recently involves tracking cookies with dynamic names. While the option can be accessed and changed in the existing scan file, there is no real way to put it into effect until you do a re-scan which effectively means a re-do.

The cause is the fact that Advanced Options are per-user and not per-scan. The pattern is stored in the Windows Registry.
Once a scan is started, the pattern that you use is saved in the scan file itself. This is so the scan can be migrated to another computer, where the "Advance Option" might be set to something else in that user's registry. This enables scanning on one machine then retesting from another.

Since AppScan 7.9 the option is stored in the Scan Template file, however it is not accessible via the UI.
You can manually change the pattern if required. You should, however, keep the original pattern and only add to it (it is a regular expression). Otherwise, AppScan will not know to handle existing cookies already found in the scan.

To do this for the scan template follow these steps:
1) Load you original scan file.
2) From the Scan Configuration screen, select "Export as Template"
3) Open the .scant file (XML) and search for "CookiesGroupingPattern". Should be something like this:
4) Change the pattern as you would like:
(The example finds only cookies that start with "mycookies" and have 1 to 3 a's followed by 1 to 3 b's)
5) Create a new scan based on the changed template. You can migrate the template to another machine, regardless of the pattern defined for that user.

Hint: You can change it in an existing scan file, but it is much more complicated and would probably require help from support.

Nmap : Failed to open device

This is just to ensure I logged this for future reference.

Recently, one of my college has a problem with nmap. Whenever she runs it, she gets the "failed to open device eth0" error. I had tried to execute nmap in administrator mode and removed all other devices (wireless etc) but the problem persist.

In the end, I figured that this is probably related to Winpcap. What you actually need to do is to get the latest Winpcap from to install and overwrite the existing one. Of course, this should follow by a reboot and the problem should be solved.

The current version of Winpcap which managed to solve this issue today is v4.1.1.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

New Beta of CWCheat V0.2.3

There seems to be a new beta on the site, which is not linked by the main page. You can get hold of it via the New Download Section and selecting the new version.

The change log:
- rebuilt with latest toolchain
- updated db to latest version in the site
- there is an cheat refresh hz functionality but i coded it one year ago so i\\\'m unsure if it works and how it works right now
- consider this an untested beta

I had put up a special PSP Lite version here as usual. Please modify the following files:

  • game.txt
  • game150.txt
  • pops.txt

by appending the line to your PSP if you have other plugins.

Also, as usual, I had modified the package by providing the latest cheat DB from:

which includes cheats for the following games:

Total Games: 522
Total Codes: 7294
EU Games: 219
JP Games: 77
US Games: 208
Other Games: 18
300: March to Glory [EU] {ULES-00766}
300: March to Glory [US] {ULUS-10241}
50 Cent: Bulletproof [EU] {ULES-00452}
50 Cent: Bulletproof [US] {ULUS-10128}
Activision Hits Remixed [US] {ULUS-10186}
Adventures to Go [US] {ULUS-10417}
Aedis Eclipse: Generation of Chaos [US] {ULUS-10242}
After Burner: Black Falcon [US] {ULUS-10244}
Alien Havoc (mini) [EU] {NPEZ-00025}
Alien Havoc (mini) [US] {NPUZ-00008}
Aliens vs Predator: Requiem [EU] {ULES-00972}
Aliens vs Predator: Requiem [US] {ULUS-10327}
Ape Academy 2 [EU] {UCES-00302}
Ape Escape [EU] {UCES-00045}
Archer Maclean's Mercury [US] {ULUS-10017}
Armored Core 3 Portable [JP] {ULJM-05492}
Armored Core 3 Portable [US] {NPUH-10023}
Armored Core Formula Front [JP] {ULJS-19001}
Asphalt: Urban GT 2 [EU] {ULES-00719}
Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines [EU] {ULES-01367}
Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines [US] {ULUS-10455}
Atari Classics Evolved [US] {ULUS-10325}
Avatar: The Last Airbender [US] {ULUS-10165}
Battle Poker (mini) [US] {NPUZ-00020}
Beam 'em Up (mini) [EU] {NPEZ-00081}
Ben 10 Alien Force [EU] {ULES-01189}
Ben 10 Protector of Earth [EU] {ULES-00905}
Beowulf [EU] {ULES-00992}
Beta BLOC [US] {NPUH-10029}
Blade Dancer: Lineage of Light [US] {ULUS-10124}
Blast Off (mini) [EU] {NPEZ-00041}
Blast Off (mini) [US] {NPUZ-00021}
Blazing AC [JP] {ULJM-05490}
Bloons (mini) [EU] {NPEZ-00045}
Bloons (mini) [US] {NPUZ-00010}
Bokujou Monogatari: Sugar Mura to Minna no Negai [JP] {ULJS-00188}
Bomberman Land [EU] {ULES-00811}
Bounty Hounds [US] {ULUS-10161}
Brain Challenge [US] {NPUH-10006}
Brainpipe (mini) [EU] {NPEZ-00046}
Brainpipe (mini) [US] {NPUZ-00009}
Brandish Dark Revenant [JP] {ULJM-05424}
Brave Man 30 [JP] {ULJS-00195}
Brave Story: Aratanaru Tabibito [JP] {UCJS-10024}
Brave Story: New Traveller [US] {ULUS-10279}
BreakQuest (mini) [EU] {NPEZ-00011}
Breath of Fire III [EU] {ULES-00193}
Brother In Arms D-Day [EU] {ULES-00608}
Bubble Trubble (mini) [EU] {NPEZ-00023}
Bubble Trubble (mini) [US] {NPUZ-00007}
Burnout Dominator [US] {ULUS-10236}
Burnout Legends [EU] {ULES-00125}
Bust A Move Deluxe [US] {ULUS-10057}
Call of Duty: Road to Victory [US] {ULUS-10218}
Capcom Classics Collection: Reloaded [US] {ULUS-10134}
Capcom Classics Collection: Remixed [US] {ULUS-10097}
Cars [EU] {ULES-00319}
Cars: Race-O-Rama [US] {ULUS-10428}
CID The Dummy [EU] {ULES-01024}
Class of Heroes [US] {ULUS-10396}
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs [EU] {ULES-01318}
Coded Arms [EU] {ULES-00124}
Coded Arms [US] {ULUS-10019}
Coded Arms: Contagion [US] {ULUS-10184}
Coded Soul [JP] {UCJS-10061}
Colin McRae DiRT 2 [EU] {ULES-01301}
Crash of the Titans [EU] {ULES-00918}
Crash of the Titans [IT] {ULES-00915}
Crash Tag Team Racing [US] {ULUS-10044}
Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars [EU] {ULES-00959}
Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars [US] {ULUS-10273}
Creature Defense [US] {NPUH-10034}
Crimsongem Saga [AS] {UCAS-40212}
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII [EU] {ULES-01044}
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII [FR] {ULES-01045}
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII [IT] {ULES-01047}
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII [JP] {ULJM-05254}
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII [JP] {ULJM-05275}
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII [US] {ULUS-10336}
Crystal Defenders (demo) [EU] {NPEH-90022}
Crystal Defenders (demo) [JP] {NPJH-90066}
Crystal Defenders (demo) [US] {NPUH-90048}
Crystal Defenders [EU] {NPEH-00017}
Crystal Defenders [US] {NPUH-10026}
Cubixx (mini) [EU] {NPEZ-00101}
DarkStalkers Chronicle The Chaos Tower [EU] {ULES-00016}
Daxter [EU] {UCES-00044}
Daxter [US] {UCUS-98618}
D-Cube Planet (mini) [EU] {NPEZ-00008}
D-Cube Planet (mini) [US] {NPUZ-00027}
Dead To Rights Reckoning [EU] {ULES-00195}
Death Jr [US] {ULUS-10027}
Diner Dash [EU] {ULES-00755}
Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days [US] {ULUS-10461}
Dissidia Final Fantasy (demo) [EU] {NPEH-90014}
Dissidia Final Fantasy (demo) [US] {NPUH-90029}
Dissidia Final Fantasy [EU] {ULES-01270}
Dissidia Final Fantasy [JP] {ULJM-05262}
Dissidia Final Fantasy [US] {ULUS-10437}
DJ Max Fever [US] {ULUS-10403}
DJ Max Portable 2 [KR] {ULKS-46116}
DJ Max Portable Black Square [KR] {ULKS-46189}
DJ Max Portable Clazziquai Edition [KR] {ULKS-46191}
Dokoitsu Let's Gakkou! [JP] {UCJB-98010}
Dracula: Undead Awakening (mini) [EU] {NPEZ-00124}
Dragon Ball Evolution [EU] {ULES-01227}
Dragon Ball Evolution [US] {ULUS-10415}
Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai [EU] {ULES-00309}
Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai 2 [EU] {ULES-00789}
Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai 2 [JP] {ULJS-00107}
Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai Another Road [US] {ULUS-10234}
Dragoneer's Aria [EU] {ULES-01004}
Driver 76 [EU] {ULES-00740}
DT Carnage [US] {ULUS-10406}
Dungeon Maker 2: The Hidden War [US] {ULUS-10393}
Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony [EU] {ULES-00569}
Dungeons & Dragons: Tactics [US] {ULUS-10232}
Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce [EU] {ULES-01221}
DynoGems (mini) [EU] {NPEZ-00117}
Echoes (mini) [EU] {NPEZ-00042}
Echoes (mini) [US] {NPUZ-00022}
Evangelion: Jo [JP] {ULJS-00201}
Every Extend Extra [EU] {ULES-00468}
Everybody's Golf [EU] {UCES-00012}
Everybody's Golf 2 (demo 1) [EU] {NPEG-90008}
Everybody's Golf 2 (demo 2) [EU] {NPEG-90009}
Everybody's Golf 2 [EU] {UCES-00767}
Exit [EU] {ULES-00285}
Exit [US] {ULUS-10074}
Exit 2 (demo) [JP] {HB56DF2E13}
Exit 2 [EU] {ULES-00620}
Fast and the Furious, The [US] {ULUS-10198}
Fate/Unlimited Codes Portable [JP] {ULJM-05451}
Fieldrunners (mini) [EU] {NPEZ-00098}
Fieldrunners (mini) [US] {NPUZ-00014}
FIFA 07 [EU] {ULES-00440}
FIFA 09 [EU] {ULES-01135}
FIFA 10 [EU] {ULES-01322}
FIFA Street 2 [EU] {ULES-00264}
Final Fantasy I: Anniversary Edition [EU] {ULES-00986}
Final Fantasy I: Anniversary Edition [US] {ULUS-10251}
Final Fantasy II: Anniversary Edition [EU] {ULES-00987}
Final Fantasy II: Anniversary Edition [US] {ULUS-10263}
Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions [EU] {ULES-00850}
Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions [JP] {ULJM-05194}
Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions [US] {ULUS-10297}
Fired Up [EU] {UCES-00015}
Ford Street Racing L.A. DUEL [EU] {ULES-00564}
Fortix (mini) [EU] {NPEZ-00096}
Fortix (mini) [US] {NPUZ-00016}
Free Running [EU] {ULES-00704}
FullMetal Alchemist: Senaka wo Takuseshimono [JP] {ULJS-00220}
Funky Punch (mini) [EU] {NPEZ-00004}
Funky Punch (mini) [US] {NPUZ-00011}
G.I. JOE: The Rise of Cobra [EU] {ULES-01277}
G.I. JOE: The Rise of Cobra [US] {ULUS-10435}
Gangs of London [EU] {ULES-00113}
Genso Suikoden 1 and 2 [JP] {ULJM-05086}
G-Force [EU] {ULES-01238}
G-Force [US] {ULUS-10439}
Ghost Rider [EU] {ULES-00630}
Ghost Rider [US] {ULUS-10210}
Giren No Yabou Kyoui V [JP] {ULJS-00178}
God Of War Chains of Olympus (demo) [EU] {UCED-00970}
God Of War Chains of Olympus [EU] {UCES-00842}
God Of War Chains of Olympus [US] {UCUS-98653}
Gran Turismo [EU] {UCES-01245}
Gran Turismo [JP] {UCJS-10100}
Gran Turismo [US] {UCUS-98632}
GripShift [US] {ULUS-10040}
Growlanser [JP] {ULJM-05423}
GTA: Chinatown Wars [EU] {ULES-01347}
GTA: Chinatown Wars [US] {ULUS-10490}
GTA: Liberty City Stories [EU] {ULES-00151}
GTA: Liberty City Stories [US] {ULUS-10041}
GTA: Vice City Stories [EU] {ULES-00502}
GTA: Vice City Stories [US] {ULUS-10160}
Gun Showdown [EU] {ULES-00484}
Gundam vs Gundam [JP] {ULJS-00165}
Gurumin [EU] {ULES-00627}
Half-Minute Hero [US] {ULUS-10491}
Half-Minute Hero: Evil Lord 30 (demo) [US] {NPUH-90046}
Half-Minute Hero: Hero 30 (demo) [US] {NPUH-90031}
Hammerin' Hero [US] {ULUS-10392}
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince [EU] {ULES-01180}
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix [EU] {ULES-00829}
Harvest Moon: Innocent Life [EU] {ULES-00658}
Hatsune Miku Project Diva [JP] {ULJM-05472}
Hellboy: The Science of Evil [US] {ULUS-10301}
Hero of Sparta (mini) [EU] {NPEZ-00031}
Hero of Sparta (mini) [US] {NPUZ-00005}
Higurashi Daybreak Portable [JP] {ULJM-05388}
Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! (demo) [EU] {NPEH-90015}
Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! (demo) [JP] {HBA2D25821}
Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! (demo) [US] {NPUH-90028}
Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! [US] {ULUS-10456}
Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee [US] {UCUS-98614}
Hot Shot's Golf: Open Tee 2 (demo) [US] {NPUG-70014}
Hot Wheels Ultimate Racing [US] {ULUS-10239}
HotBrain [US] {ULUS-10268}
I Simpson Il Videogioco [IT] {ULES-00977}
Idol M@ster SP Missing Moon, The [JP] {ULJS-00169}
Idol M@ster SP Perfect Sun, The [JP] {ULJS-00167}
Idol M@ster SP Wandering Star, The [JP] {ULJS-00168}
Ikkitousen Eloquent Fist [JP] {ULJS-00152}
Impossible Mission [EU] {ULES-00764}
Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings [EU] {ULES-00939}
Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings [US] {ULUS-10316}
Infected [US] {ULUS-10054}
Iron Man [US] {ULUS-10347}
Irregular Hunter X [JP] {ULJM-05043}
Jak & Daxter: The Lost Fontier [US] {UCUS-98634}
Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier [EU] {UCES-01225}
JellyCar 1.1 [HB] {HBF5BAC6D5}
Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights [US] {ULUS-10312}
Juiced Eliminator [EU] {ULES-00379}
Justice League Heroes [US] {ULUS-10214}
Kahoots (mini) [EU] {NPEZ-00009}
Kahoots (mini) [US] {NPUZ-00030}
Kenka Bancho Badass Rumble [US] {ULUS-10442}
Killzone: Liberation [US] {UCUS-98646}
Kurilin Fusion [US] {NPUH-10042}
Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Anniversary [EU] {ULES-00826}
Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legends [EU] {ULES-00283}
LEGO Batman: The Video Game (demo) [US] {NPUH-90019}
LEGO Batman: The Video Game [EU] {ULES-01151}
LEGO Batman: The Video Game [US] {ULUS-10380}
LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues [EU] {ULES-01370}
LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures [EU] {ULES-01086}
LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures [US] {ULUS-10365}
Lemmings [EU] {UCES-00109}
LittleBigPlanet (demo) [EU] {NPEG-90019}
LittleBigPlanet (demo) [US] {UCUS-70064}
LittleBigPlanet [EU] {UCES-01264}
LittleBigPlanet [US] {UCUS-98744}
LocoRoco (christmas demo) [AS] {HBB306E3DC}
LocoRoco (christmas demo) [EU] {HBE011CB25}
LocoRoco (christmas demo) [JP] {HB4FC6C1E7}
LocoRoco (christmas demo) [KR] {HBEC1552DD}
LocoRoco (christmas demo) [US] {HB4D98344E}
LocoRoco (demo 2) [JP] {HBF5A46300}
LocoRoco (demo 3) [JP] {HB90AB0A98}
LocoRoco (demo) [AS] {HB92FC645B}
LocoRoco (demo) [EU] {HBE6426EED}
LocoRoco (demo) [JP] {HBD0CE6684}
LocoRoco (demo) [KR] {HB3F7F9FC6}
LocoRoco (demo) [US] {HB0EA885E0}
LocoRoco (halloween demo) [AS] {HB734CE31E}
LocoRoco (halloween demo) [EU] {HB1987D527}
LocoRoco (halloween demo) [KR] {HBF83A44B5}
LocoRoco (halloween demo) [US] {HBB80D0359}
LocoRoco [EU] {UCES-00304}
LocoRoco 2 (demo) [EU] {NPEG-90012}
LocoRoco 2 (demo) [US] {NPUG-98731}
LocoRoco 2 [EU] {UCES-01059}
LocoRoco Midnight Carnival (demo) [US] {NPUG-80318}
Lord of the Rings: Tactics, The [EU] {ULES-00198}
Lumines II [EU] {ULES-00553}
Luxor: Pharaoh's Challenge [US] {ULUS-10333}
Macross Ace Frontier [JP] {ULJS-00158}
Macross Ultimate Frontier [JP] {NPJH-50050}
Madden NFL 10 [US] {ULUS-10441}
Mahjongg Artifacts: Chapter 2 (mini) [EU] {NPEZ-00003}
Mahjongg Artifacts: Chapter 2 (mini) [US] {NPUZ-00006}
Makai Senki Disgaea 1 Portable [JP] {ULJS-00089}
Makai Senki Disgaea 2 Portable [JP] {ULJS-00183}
Mana Khemia 2: Portable [JP] {ULJM-05519}
Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis Portable+ [JP] {ULJM-05345}
Mana Khemia: Student Alliance [EU] {ULES-01215}
Mana Khemia: Student Alliance [US] {ULUS-10408}
Manhunt 2 [EU] {ULES-00756}
Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects [US] {ULUS-10033}
Marvel Super Hero Squad [US] {ULUS-10485}
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 [US] {ULUS-10421}
Me & My Katamari [EU] {ULES-00339}
Medal of Honor Heroes [US] {ULUS-10141}
Medal Of Honor Heroes 2 [US] {ULUS-10310}
Medievil: Resurrection [EU] {UCES-00006}
Megaman Maverick Hunter X [US] {ULUS-10068}
Megaman Powered Up [US] {ULUS-10091}
Mercury Meltdown (demo) [EU] {HBF265212D}
Mercury Meltdown (demo) [JP] {HB943AE04E}
Metal Gear Ac!d [EU] {ULES-00008}
Metal Gear Ac!d [JP] {ULJM-05001}
Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops + [EU] {ULES-01003}
Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops [EU] {ULES-00645}
Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops [US] {ULUS-10202}
Metal Slug XX [US] {ULUS-10495}
Metal Slug: Anthology [US] {ULUS-10154}
Miami Vice [EU] {ULES-00375}
Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition [EU] {ULES-00108}
Midnight Club LA Remix [EU] {ULES-01144}
Midnight Club LA Remix [US] {ULUS-10383}
Mind Quiz [EU] {ULES-00701}
MLB 09 The Show [US] {UCUS-98730}
Monster Hunter Freedom 2 [EU] {ULES-00851}
Monster Hunter Freedom 2 [US] {ULUS-10266}
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite [EU] {ULES-01213}
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite [US] {ULUS-10391}
MotoGP (demo) [EU] {HB8D8A5A8B}
MotoGP [US] {ULUS-10153}
Motorstorm Arctic Edge (demo) [EU] {NPEG-90018}
Motorstorm Arctic Edge (demo) [US] {NPUG-80265}
Motorstorm Arctic Edge [EU] {UCES-01250}
Musou Orochi [JP] {ULJM-05314}
Musou Orochi Mao Sairin [JP] {ULJM-05402}
Mytran Wars [EU] {ULES-01098}
N+ [EU] {ULES-01026}
N+ [US] {ULUS-10340}
Nanatama Chronicle of Dungeon Maker [JP] {ULJM-05434}
Narisokonai Eiyutan [JP] {ULJS-00177}
Naruto Shippuden: Akatsuki Rising [EU] {ULES-01306}
Naruto Shippuden: Narutimate Accel 3 [JP] {ULJS-00236}
Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes [US] {ULUS-10299}
Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2 [IT] {ULES-01088}
Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2 [US] {ULUS-10349}
NBA 2K10 [US] {ULUS-10474}
Need for Speed Carbon [EU] {ULES-00576}
Need for Speed Carbon [US] {ULUS-10114}
Need for Speed Most Wanted 5-1-0 [EU] {ULES-00196}
Need for Speed Most Wanted 5-1-0 [US] {ULUS-10036}
Need for Speed ProStreet [EU] {ULES-01019}
Need for Speed ProStreet [EU] {ULES-01020}
Need for Speed ProStreet [US] {ULUS-10331}
Need for Speed Shift [EU] {ULES-01275}
Need for Speed Shift [US] {ULUS-10462}
Need for Speed Undercover [EU] {ULES-01145}
Need for Speed Undercover [US] {ULUS-10376}
Need for Speed Underground Rivals [EU] {ULES-00025}
Need for Speed Underground Rivals [US] {ULUS-10007}
Neverland Card Battles [US] {ULUS-10382}
NFL Street 2: Unleashed [EU] {ULES-00036}
No Gravity: The Plague of Mind [US] {NPUH-10007}
Numblast (demo) [EU] {NPEG-90014}
Obscure: The Aftermatch [EU] {ULES-01340}
Obscure: The Aftermatch {ULUS-10484}
Off Road [EU] {ULES-00963}
OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast [EU] {ULES-00262}
Patapon [US] {UCES-00995}
Patapon [US] {UCUS-98711}
Patapon 2 [EU] {UCES-01177}
Persona 3 Portable [JP] {NPJH-50040}
Phantasy Star Portable [EU] {ULES-01218}
Phantasy Star Portable [US] {ULUS-10410}
Pimp My Ride [US] {ULUS-10256}
Pinball Dreams (mini) [EU] {NPEZ-00021}
Pinball Fantasies (mini) [EU] {NPEZ-00022}
Pinball Fantasies (mini) [US] {NPUZ-00017}
Pipe Mania (demo) [EU] {NPEH-90006}
Pipe Mania (demo) [US] {NPUH-90012}
PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe (demo) [EU] {NPEG-90015}
PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe (demo) [JP] {NPJH-90072}
PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe (demo) [US] {NPUG-70057}
PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe [EU] {NPEG-00017}
PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe [US] {NPUG-80248}
Platypus [US] {ULES-01029}
Platypus [US] {ULUS-10203}
Pocket Racers [US] {ULUS-10163}
Popolocrois Monogatari [JP] {UCJS-10005}
Powernoid 4E [HB] {HB5AB6838E}
PQ: Practical Intelligence Quotient [US] {ULUS-10046}
Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero? [EU] {ULES-01278}
Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero? [US] {ULUS-10407}
Prinny: Ore Ga Shujinko De Iinsuka [JP] {ULJS-00150}
Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 [EU] {ULES-01176}
Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 [EU] {ULES-01353}
Pro Evolution Soccer 6 [EU] {ULES-00476}
Project Witch [JP] {ULJM-05470}
Promethus (demo) [US] {NPUH-90052}
Pursuit Force [EU] {UCES-00018}
Pursuit Force [US] {UCUS-98640}
Puzzle Guzzle (demo) [US] {NPUH-90004}
Puzzle Scape Mini (mini) [EU] {NPEZ-00001}
Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos [JP] {ULJS-00190}
Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters [EU] {UCES-00420}
Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters [US] {UCUS-98633}
Red Bull X-Fighters (mini) [EU] {NPEZ-00100}
Rengoku 2 [EU] {ULES-00437}
Resisistance: Retribution [EU] {UCES-01184}
Ridge Racer [EU] {UCES-00002}
Ridge Racer 2 [EU] {UCES-00422}
Riviera: The Promised Land [EU] {ULES-00818}
Riviera: The Promised Land [US] {ULUS-10286}
Rock Band Unplugged [EU] {ULES-01243}
Rock Band Unplugged [US] {ULUS-10418}
R-Type Tactics [EU] {ULES-01121}
Rush [US] {ULUS-10174}
Savage Moon: The Hera Campaign [US] {NPUG-80328}
Secret Agent Clank [EU] {UCES-00942}
Secret Agent Clank [US] {UCUS-98697}
Sega Rally [EU] {UCES-00910}
Shadow of Memories [JP] {ULJM-05512}
Shin Megami Tensei: Persona [US] {ULUS-10432}
Shrek the Third [US] {ULUS-10248}
Silent Hill: Origins [EU] {ULES-00869}
Silent Hill: Origins [US] {ULUS-10285}
Simpsons Game, The [EU] {ULES-00975}
Smart Bomb [US] {ULUS-10016}
Smash Court Tennis 3 [EU] {UCES-00758}
SOCOM: US Navy SEALs Tactical Strike [US] {UCUS-98649}
Sonic Rivals 2 [US] {ULUS-10323}
Soul Calibur Broken Destiny [EU] {ULES-01298}
Soul Calibur Broken Destiny [JP] {ULJS-00202}
Soul Calibur Broken Destiny [US] {ULUS-10457}
Space Invaders Extreme [EU] {ULES-01078}
Space Invaders Extreme [JP] {ULJM-05315}
Space Invaders Extreme [US] {ULUS-10346}
Spider-Man 2 [EU] {ULES-00022}
Spider-Man 3 [EU] {ULES-00938}
Spider-Man 3 [US] {ULUS-10317}
Spider-Man: Friend or Foe [US] {ULUS-10318}
Spider-Man: Web of Shadows [EU] {ULES-01174}
Spider-Man: Web of Shadows [US] {ULUS-10389}
Spot the Differences (mini) [EU] {NPEZ-00107}
Spot the Differences (mini) [US] {NPUZ-00034}
Stand O'Food (mini) [EU] {NPEZ-00002}
Stand O'Food (mini) [US] {NPUZ-00029}
Star Ocean: First Departure [JP] {ULJM-05290}
Star Ocean: Second Evolution [JP] {ULJM-05325}
Star Wars: Battlefront 2 [EU] {ULES-00183}
Star Wars: Battlefront 2 [US] {ULUS-10053}
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed [US] {ULUS-10345}
Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max [EU] {ULES-00235}
Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max [US] {ULUS-10062}
Street Riders [EU] {ULES-00276}
Sudoku (mini) [EU] {NPEZ-00027}
Sudoku (mini) [US] {NPUZ-00001}
Super Monkey Ball Adventures [EU] {ULES-00364}
Super Pocket Tennis [US] {NPUH-10028}
Super Robot Wars A [JP] {ULJS-00143}
Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror [US] {UCUS-98641}
Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow [EU] {UCES-00710}
Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow [US] {UCUS-98606}
Tales of Destiny 2 [JP] {ULJS-00097}
Tales of Eternia [EU] {ULES-00176}
Tales of Eternia [JP] {ULJS-00015}
Tales of Phantasia: Full Voiced Edition [JP] {ULJS-00079}
Tales of Rebirth [JP] {ULJS-00132}
Tales of The World: Radiant Mythology [EU] {ULES-00837}
Tales of The World: Radiant Mythology [JP] {ULJM-95004}
Tales of The World: Radiant Mythology [JP] {ULJS-00093}
Tales of The World: Radiant Mythology [JP] {ULJS-19019}
Tales of The World: Radiant Mythology [US] {ULUS-10271}
Tales of The World: Radiant Mythology 2 [JP] {ULJS-00175}
Tales of VS [JP] {ULJS-00209}
Tekken 6 [EU] {ULES-01376}
Tekken 6 [US] {ULUS-10466}
Tekken: Dark Resurrection [EU] {UCES-00356}
Telegraph Crosswords (mini) [EU] {NPEZ-00112}
Tenchu Shadow Assassins [EU] {ULES-01237}
Tengai Makyo Dai 4 No Monshiroku [JP] {ULJM-05106}
Test Drive Unlimited [EU] {ULES-00637}
Test Drive Unlimited [US] {ULUS-10249}
Tetris (mini) [EU] {NPEZ-00093}
Tetris (mini) [US] {NPUZ-00003}
Thexder-Neo [EU] {NPEH-00021}
Thexder-Neo [US] {NPUH-10019}
Thrillville [US] {ULUS-10191}
Thrillville: Off the Rails [US] {ULUS-10306}
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 [EU] {ULES-01120}
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 [EU] {ULES-01260}
TMNT [EU] {ULES-00759}
TMNT [US] {ULUS-10243}
Tom Clancy's EndWar [EU] {ULES-01068}
Tom Clancy's EndWar [US] {ULUS-10358}
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas [EU] {ULES-00584}
Tony Hawks Project 8 [US] {ULUS-10197}
Tony Hawks Underground 2 Remix [US] {ULUS-10014}
Transformers The Game [EU] {ULES-00823}
Transformers The Game [US] {ULUS-10274}
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen [US] {ULUS-10433}
Twisted Metal: Head-On [US] {UCUS-98601}
Ultimate Ghosts 'N Goblins [EU] {ULES-00419}
Ultimate Ghosts 'N Goblins [US] {ULUS-10105}
Undead Knights [US] {ULUS-10453}
Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade [EU] {ULES-00046}
Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade [US] {ULUS-10003}
Untold Legends: The Warrior's Code [EU] {ULES-00301}
Up [EU] {ULES-01253}
Valhalla Knights [US] {ULUS-10230}
Valhalla Knights 2 [US] {ULUS-10366}
Valkyrie Profile Lenneth [EU] {ULES-00724}
Vempire (mini) [EU] {NPEZ-00058}
Vempire (mini) [US] {NPUZ-00015}
WALL-E [US] {ULUS-10350}
Warhammer 40,000: Squad Command (demo) [EU] {HBA3CC1FC9}
Warhammer 40,000: Squad Command (demo) [US] {HB811EF737}
Warhammer 40,000: Squad Command [EU] {ULES-00873}
Warhammer 40,000: Squad Command [US] {ULUS-10313}
Warriors Orochi [US] {ULUS-10341}
Warriors Orochi 2 [EU] {ULES-01261}
Warriors Orochi 2 [US] {ULUS-10423}
Wipeout Pulse (demo) [EU] {NPEG-90003}
Wipeout Pulse (demo) [US] {NPUG-70008}
Wipeout Pulse [EU] {UCES-00465}
Wipeout Pulse [US] {UCUS-98712}
Wipeout Pure [EU] {UCES-00001}
World Tour Soccer (demo) [EU] {HBAFB1FAC5}
World Tour Soccer [EU] {ULES-00003}
WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2009 [EU] {ULES-01165}
WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2009 [US] {ULUS-10384}
WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2010 [EU] {ULES-01339}
WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2010 [US] {ULUS-10452}
X-Men Origins: Wolverine [EU] {ULES-01226}
X-Men Origins: Wolverine [US] {ULUS-10411}
Xyanide: Resurrection (demo) [EU] {HB4B21CEF8}
YetiSports (mini) [EU] {NPEZ-00099}
Ys I & II Chronicles [JP] {ULJM-05474}
Ys Seven [JP] {ULJM-05475}
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 4 [JP] {ULJM-05479}
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 4 [US] {ULUS-10481}
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force [EU] {ULES-00600}
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force 2 [EU] {ULES-00925}
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force 2 [JP] {ULJM-05260}
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force 2 [US] {ULUS-10302}
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force 3 [EU] {ULES-01183}
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force 3 [JP] {ULJM-05373}
Yummy Yummy Cooking Jam (mini) [EU] {NPEZ-00094}
Yummy Yummy Cooking Jam (mini) [US] {NPUZ-00018}
Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 3 [JP] {ULJS-00191}
Zombie Tycoon (mini) [EU] {NPEZ-00029}
Zombie Tycoon (mini) [US] {NPUZ-00025}

Download the package and expand it to your root directory of your card (remember the 3 text files):

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Farewell, Hino

Hino (Nov 2007 - 04/01/2010)

He is still playing with his wheel (which he has not played for a long long time...At least we got to play and say goodbye for one last night before he passed away silently in the night...
I will always remember you Hino. This also happen to be the same day Chuchu passed away...
I will always remember you both.

Monster identity problem, the famous jobseeker website, recently has a strange problem. Whenever I am logged in, I am called by different names. This is illustrated in the diagram below. Note the black boxes, obviously, I am 2 different person at the same time to Monster.

While I do not find any other things weird, or was able to access any other information except mine, I find this to be still disturbing. I had emailed Monster concerning the above issue.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

TVB電視劇 宮心計 片尾曲 風車 ~ 佘詩曼

紅風車 轉一轉吧 福來我家
求豐收 雨點降下 花兒別怕
紅花開 笑一笑吧 福來我家
雲飄飄 聽風說話 娃兒別怕

月缺月滿順時 下雨下雪聽天
念卦像風箏不見面 有著線牽
紅風車 轉一轉吧 福來我家
如分開 雨點降下 娃兒別怕

路近路遠未明 念挂著我看星
願帶著你路 風似靜 變幻看清
紅風車 轉一轉吧 福來我家
如分開 雨點降下 娃兒別怕

紅風車 轉一轉吧 福來我家
如分開 雨點降下 娃兒別怕

宫心计 主题曲 ~ 关菊英


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