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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

What happened in WHS PP3

As mentioned, PP3 was rolled out on 24 Nov 2009. I had it upgraded ASAP and reboot my Windows Home Server. Although, I did not witness the reboot myself, everything seems normal. Well, that is until I try to connect to it.

Remote Desktop - Does Not Work.
WHS Connector - Does Not Work.
Ping - OK.
Website - OK.

Strange. I have to plug in to my TV and keyboard to troubleshoot. I saw a strange message about WHS Log being full. I did a quick check on my space and I notice there is plenty. I suppose it is the log limit that was set. In any case, I did another reboot.

After the reboot, the log message is still there, but everything else works. Looks like I needed to reboot it twice. I did the recommened steps to go in, backup the logs and clear it and hopefully, the log message will not appear soon again.

After PP3, I notice the backup with my Windows 7 machine is more stable. I had less failure anyway.

Edit : Oh yeah, one more thing I forget to mention. You will need to upgrade all your WHS connector software on your desktops, laptops etc. If you are using a firewall, that has to be updated to the new binaries as well if your firewall is a application binary specific one such as OneCare.

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