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Friday, December 11, 2009

Sorry, your Earth has expired in 2050...

This is not another hoo-haa from the 2012 movie, but a pretty real life situation. Earth can expire in 2050 if this path continues.

As reported by WWF:

The World Wildlife Fund claims that the Earth will become uninhabitable by 2050. Our planet has been badly abused, and it has been dying a slow death. The Earth will face extinction in roughly forty years, which is sooner than a child born today enters midlife crisis.

So, the news is bleak for those who are working hard to build the future of their children, and for all those ambitious people who have grandiose plans for their future. Why bother about interior decoration if the house is burning? There may not be any future left in the future. The Earth is dying.

Signs are there in escalating global warming. There has been drastic reduction in rainfall. Rivers are shrinking. Satellite photos show Greenland ice sheets in full-fledged meltdown. A large portion of Bangladesh is likely to go under water. In US much of Manhattan and eastern shore of Maryland could be washed into the Atlantic Ocean. Pacific island nations will be blotted out. Hurricanes will ravage the Earth. Rising sea levels and severe droughts will destroy crops. Widespread famine will wreak havoc with starvation and death.

Read more from the link above. But I would like to quote the following:

"Between December 7 and 18, Copenhagen turns into "Hopenhagen" to host the Climate Conference. This could be humanity's last hope to achieve a turning point to cope with climate change. Scientists argue if man and dinosaur ever existed together. But we know why they didn't perish together. The dinosaurs couldn't cope with the Earth. The Earth couldn't cope with us."

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