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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Using Gamebooster to perform vulnerability scanning

How often have you tried doing your VA or pentest with a limited system which is slow and extremely lack of resources? Well I have. Especially when I am located in some secured area where I cannot bring in my own laptop and are provided with one from the client. Most client will hardly even be able to offer you something working.

So, with the admin account, usually you will be able to install your scanning tools such as Appscan, Retina or Core Impact. But what happen is that these laptop provided often are in range of <1GB RAM etc. Well, I do not have a solution here. But what I have is a good (and free) tool which can help you regain some of the system resources while you perform the scan.

Introducing IOBit Gamebooster.

Yes, I know it say GAME all over it. But think deeper. How is a game application different from the scanning application? Both of them needs lots of resources. Both of them does not need lots of services and background processes running. So its simple as that. Shutting down the unnecessary services such as BITS, Printer Spooling etc during the scan will save you some resources.

Well, give it a try and see if GameBooster does indeed help you manage you scanning better.

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