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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tokyo Gore Police 東京残酷警察 Trailer

If you love Azumi and Versus, there is no reason you should skip this! Lots of blood, gore, violent and nudity!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Live Messenger 2009 is out!

Yes, its true and final. Download it at :

Well, if you hate advertisements like me, you will probably want to "patch" your messenger with A-Patch:

Its a pity that is still far behind the patching. I like that better.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

What I do for a living (The Good)

Often it is I get this question. Or rather message since most of the time people just ask for asking. They did not really expect much of an answer. While many of my peer will probably make up lies and say things like I work in Consultancy or IT services, which in effect is still technically correct. One night while chatting on IRC and I gave that answer again, I really feel myself to be some what hippocratic

The fact of life is I HACK. The word has been colorized by far too much movies and negative reports. Well, not that it is not what it is, but the differences is some people do it with permission while others do not. I kinda belong to those who had the permission. But that certain do not make you a white hat automatically.

Really? Ya, that what I get if I used the above answer which is why I prefer to say Consultancy or hell even I work in McDonald's sometimes. The client give me an application, I break it apart and tell them what I can see inside. The client give me a website, I hack into the accounts and demonstrate to them what damage can be done. If you think that sound cool, good for you. 

At some point of time, I almost felt there is no more challenge out there. In terms of network, applications almost every single one has some problem one way or another. But then again, nothing is perfect. But that what I do for a living. Its nothing like in the movies, where you disarm crazy looking security systems to save millions of lives or prevent the SDI satellite from starting WW3. It is just not that.

While it sound fun to uncover security problem and help clients fix them before millions of dollars are hacked out by people from the dark side. The result is unseen. That makes my job looks like nothing had happened although no news is good news in this case. Therefore you can see not many people require this type of services. Most do because it necessary by law or its better to do so that you do not need to take the fall if something happens. People who truly believe in the value is few that I had seen.

So, I guess the next question is I lost my yahoo account, can you hack it for me? I want to see if my girlfriend is dating someone else, please hack her Facebook for me? Ya, I get that all the time. I guess the main difference of the good guys and the bad guys is both knows how to do it. Just that the good guys do not exactly do it. 

So, will I hack you? Nah, being mercs as ever, I do not do anything for free... haha :) Just kidding. I am suppose to be the good guy right?

Monday, December 08, 2008

Amazon Gift Cards!

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