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Monday, September 08, 2008

Singtel fcuks up again!

I am a bit boilling to talk abt the whole incident, but I would like to archive the letter to Singtel here. I will talk about it in another post.

To singtel :
I had placed an order 100****** online because I wish to avoid the queue at the shop. I had followed all the intruction, scanned the student pass for the student line etc, However, next working day I got a call to say the order is cancelled!!!I was told that ST cannot honor the signup done online and I had to do it at the Hello Shop? WTF? Then why have at all? It even wasted mt time to scan and upload the image!
Then I checked at the HelloShop... The price of the handphone is doubled!!! Why do you published price which you cannot honor at all? You had totally wasted my time and my opportunity to sign up with SH or M1!!! If you so desire to do so, you might as well put all your phone at $1 on since you cant honor the pricing anyway!

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