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Friday, September 19, 2008

Good riddance to bad rubbish ~ SingTel

While I made my request to cancel my line to SingTel, I was told this will take place in 3 days time... I wait 1 week and the line was still active. So I called up again. This time I can't be bothered to wait in the queue which took like 45 mins. I just used one of the I lost my phone or something options to get an operator. I explained the situation and guess what? They notice it was not being processed. Then they tried to hold me back from cutting the line. The proposed a SPECIAL package which is only $6 / month. Emm... What can you get for $6? Well, nothing except 15 mins for airtime... so that whoever call you, you can still tell them you changed number. Lets do our maths and you will notice thats like 20 cents / min. Luckily I passed my maths. This is a really stupid plan as their last attempt to con my money. Without anything free means you will need to pay $5 for CallerID as well. Now, I told them plain and simple. CANCEL. I wont even want to explain why I am so fed up with them or how they had fcuked up over and over again for me. A quick answer, the operator say he can make a new request and it will be cut off before end of the day.

Now, doesn't that makes you wonder why they told me it requires 3 days to cut off in the first place? Anyway, I think I don't mind paying a bit more, but definitely I stay off the Evil Red company for now.

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