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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Disgaea - Afternoon of Darkness End Save

This great remake of the PS2 Disgaea for the PSP is really worth taking a look especially if you are a big fan of SLG like Jeanne D' Arc etc. Anyway, go check it out, but you will realized to get all the endings involves multi replay, killing over 200 levels of extras etc... I decide that someone out there will want this.

This package includes all 9 endings (Etna Story ending as well). Just unpack them and read the DOAD.txt in the main directory and put the rest into your PSP where saves are.

Hope this help you see all the ending without having to go through what I had done for you. Please leave me a comment here when you download ok?

Disgaea End save :

1 comment:

Hacked2123 said...

OMG dood, you rock, this is awesomely better than any youtube. thnx so much

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