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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Windows Home Server Power Pack 1 RTM

Its finally here... The greatest improvement (other than fixing the corruption bug) is the Remote Access which now you can see your pictures in thumbnail view. For IE6 and IE7 (officially), you will be able to drag and drop to upload and download now. Its also a (few) click to download multiple files via ZIP now!

The other improvements includes backup enhancements including the ability to backup to USB connect drive, backup your WHS share folders. Of course, the power consumption has been fixed to give it a more green environment friendly feel.

Download WHS PP1 from :

Put that onto your WHS onto the software directory. Remote desktop into it and launch the installer. After that you will need to go onto each of your client machine and follow the instruction to upgrade the client connector software. Its goes something like http://(WHSServer):55000 to download the upgrade for each machine.

My advice is to immediately launch the connector software and perform a backup. Why? If you do so, you will released your security suite will detect the connector software has changed and it will prompt you for allow/deny the backup engine. Imagine if you have not done so and leave it overnight hoping it would somehow worked, well it won't. You will have to allow it and save the config this once. Well, if you have no such issue, I suggest STRONGLY that you get a client side security software. I am using Microsoft OneCare which has report it doesn't play nice with WHS. It worked for me anyway now that I am on OneCare 2.5 anyway.

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