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Friday, July 18, 2008

Keeping the rows together in MS Word

This is be an accomplishment for me. I managed to figured out how to join the splited rows in a Word documents together again. Well, if you do not understand the problem, you will simply suggest to just disabled the "split row across pages" or check the page alignment etc... Ok, for those who knows what I am talking about, its about having a table... YES, I had checked, its the SAME table, ... having some rows on page x, then one BIG BLANK space and then my next row goes to page x+1. And the next row is not like major big or long. Why don't they just stick together? AHHHHUUURRRGGHHHHH!

Ok, if you understand the problem, then I am happy to tell you, after wasting 5 minutes on it and many click and check on google and whatever, I finally found the solution!

There are a few problems :

1. Check your page setup, make sure its align to the top, not center, bottom or whatever. This is the most stupid part of it.

2. Ok, as suggest, uncheck allow rows to split across pages.

3. Select the table. Format->Paragraph. Line and Page Breaks tab. Uncheck "keep with next" and "keep lines together".

Now, it does get solved? I hope so. Mine did. Make sure for (3) you select the table.

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