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Saturday, July 05, 2008

CWCheat 0.22 Rev C

It has been a while since this was released. I had not included it because there is not much changed. But here is it anyway... As usual, I had included only the PSP Slim edition here, with the latest updated cheat.db as of today 4th July 2008. I had some comments about leaving out the cheatpops.db in my last release, but since it has been some time since, I do not mind including that db in this release as well. So as a summary, this is the FULL release for PSP Slim. Not an upgrade.

Also, if you had others plugins installed, please do not copy all the files in step 1. Edit your pops.txt, game150.txt and game.txt to include the lines in these file. Its kinda like merging them into your current files.

Here is what you need to do (good for newbies) ...
1. Copy the folders into your memory stick main folder. All the directory has been prepared for you. See above if you have other plugins installed, do not overwrite your pops.txt, game150.txt and game.txt.
2. Power up your psp while pressing R
3. Select plugins
4. Press X over cwcheatpops.prx [POPS] it will say ENABLED
5. Press X over cwcheat.prx [GAME] it will say ENABLED
6. Press X over cwcheat.prx [GAME150] it will say ENABLED
7. Exit recovery
8. When in game press select for x3 seconds to access the menu(default options which can be changed)

Here is the download :

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