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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Back|Track 3 Release

Ya, this is old news. Its been about 1 whole week since its release. If you had not seen the power of Backtrack, see it online somewhere or one of my previous post. The Wifi Zoo kick ass. WEP cracking is not reduced to a 1-click script kiddies stunt.

In any case, here is the direct link :

Description: CD Image
Name:: bt3-final.iso
Size: 695 MB
MD5: f79cbfbcd25147df32f5f6dfa287c2d9
SHA1: 471f0e41931366517ea8bffe910fb09a815e42c7
Download: Click here

Description: USB Version (Extended)
Name:: bt3final_usb.iso
Size: 784 MB
MD5: 5d27c768e9c2fef61bbc208c78dadf22
SHA1: 3aceedea0e8e70fff2e7f7a7f3039704014e980f
Download: Click here

Description: VMware Image
Name: BACKTRACK3_VMWare.rar
Size: 689 MB
MD5: 94212d3c24cf439644f158d90094ed6a
SHA1: 21c9a3f9658133efff259adbe290723583b4fd82
Download: Click here

Yes, I know. It still doesn't play nice with Virtual PC. And BT3 , in my opinion, is really slow compare to BT2... You probably need to install Nessus 3 on this too...

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