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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Astalavista Security Toolbox DVD 2008 V5.0

From the site :
Astalavista's Security Toolbox DVD 2008 (v5.0) is considered to be the largest and most comprehensive Information Security archive. As always we are committed to provide you with a resource for all of your security and hacking interests, in an interactive way! The Information found on the Security Toolbox DVD has been carefully selected, so that you will only browse through quality information and tools. No matter if you are a computer enthusiast, a computer geek, a newbie looking for information on "how to hack", or an IT Security professional looking for quality and up to date information for offline use or just for convenience, we are sure that you will be satisfied, even delighted by the DVD!

Let me just say that I am not advertising for this product and in my opinion, most people should not need this product at all, especially some of the security professional who would not like to be associated with words like hackers, blackhat etc. The tools inside this DVD is pretty blackhat if you ask me. There are tons of exploit codes and source for you to see and play around with (your VM that is). If you are hardcore enough, this is a great buy especially at this rock bottom price.

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