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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Activeperl 5.10 Package Problem

It seems like the default packages locations are nto added in the ppm perl module manager. All you have to do it to launch it by "ppm" and under preference add these repositories :, for the Perl 5.10 repository, for the trouchelle Perl 5.10 repository, for the uwinnipeg Perl 5.10 repository

And there you go. You can now download SSLeay and other modules for Perl 5.10.

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Jan Dubois said...

If you are using ActivePerl, then Crypt::SSLeay is already included in the distribution (about 20 other modules have been added in build 1003).

The PPM::Repositories module is also pre-installed, so you can use the command `ppm repo suggest` to get a list of repositories supporting your platform and Perl version. Then you can add them directly by name, e.g. `ppm repo add uwinnipeg`. No need to remember or look up the URLs.

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