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Monday, May 05, 2008

Xiao P needs Beijing 101?

Despite the hair drop, I had confidence with Xiao P. He has bene losing near his eyes and face. Due to his age, which is about 2 years old give or take, I know some things I may not have control over. however, he is active and plays, eat, sleep well. I supposed I did not haveto worry too much.

I had tried giving cod liver oil as what I had read and also give up all the sands and beddings. Instead I had replace it with organic beddings from Japan. Hopwfully this will make he better. As for his food, I can't help stopping his snack. After all, whats there in life if you cannot enjoy it. But I had to seriously cut down on salty stuff and sunflower seeds. There is a debate whether sunflower seeds are indeed bad for hamster. So far, I take a neutral stand, but perhaps changing to a more neutral diet with less sunflower seeds may be better. But again, Xiao P is a very picky hamster who knows good food.

Despite the hair lost, Xiao P does not attract any less animosity from Hiro, my other male moated Pudding. With only a face look, Hiro charges at the cage in an attempt to (attack/give a very violent welcome to) Xiao P. Of course, Xiao P cannot be bothered as usual. He lies safe in his side protected by the cage. That comes ot conclusion that I should not let these 2 come into anymore contact in the future. 1 Hill doesn't hides 2 Tigers as some would say.

Now, all I can do is take good care of them, play with them when I can and hope for the best.

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