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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Solving the Rubik Cube Part 3

This is the final tutorial on the rubik cube. By now you should had solved 2 layers. The last will involves some steps but they are quite straight forward. Take a look at your top (opposite of the strawberry which was chosen as the based). If you see something like this, you are good.

Don't panic if you do not. Just apply the following formula (a few times if necessary). Remember that you DO NOT change your F. The pattern above should appear on your U (up) side.
Formula :
F, R, U, R1, U1, F1

After you get the invert "L" above, the next one you will see if a straight line like this on the U side:

Continue with the formula and you will reach this :

Notice the cross or + is very similar to the first step in tutorial one, except you may realized this if you look at the other sides. The middle top pieces does not match the middle piece on the side. Turn the cube to the side which does not match an make that your F. Try to keep the correct side as your B or your R to avoid moving them. Remember, the U and D face do not change, just play around with your 4 sides.
Apply this formula :
R, U, R1, U, R, U, U, R1, U
You may have to do it a few times, eventually, but quite quickly, you will find your cube to have the matching middle matching the sides like this :

So, how many pieces are left? 4. Right. If you are lucky (maybe), you will see one of your corner in your U side is correct.

If this is the case, make the yellow Pear as your F. Keeping that piece on your R side. This will not move that piece. Apply this formula :
U, R, U1, L1, U, R1, U1, L
This is the last, but hardest part. There are ways out there which you may be able to tell how to get each piece right, but by doing this repeatly, you will eventually get it. Just remember the formula only shift the corners on the U side. So you can turn the cube around a bit, keeping hte U and D side to apply this formula. I would say with a bit of luck, you will finally get this :

Yes, its done finally. Congratulation. I had completed this a few times thanks to the methods describe here. haha, if you notice there is another trick in my cube, the facing of the fruits. You can change that with a slightly different formula, but thats out of topic here.

If you feel you would like more information, try this :

You may encounter another fast method known as the corner first method. Of course, if you are interested, go ahead and try that. This method is used by many winners and champions. Given the full potential, some of them claim it can solve the cube in 60 or less moves. Its out of my topic here too.

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