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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Solving the Rubik Cube Part 2

Ok, here is the 2nd part. We will solve the 2nd layer in this section. To be honest, I think this is the hardest part. OK, we need to define some simple notation. First turn the cube upside down. The strawberry side which is completed should be at the bottom covered. Take a look at this picture :

OK, now the side facing you we will call it F (Front). The side on your left and right will be L and R respectively. The top side will be T (Top) and the strawberry side will be D (Down). Finally the side that on the opposite you are looking away from you will be B (Back).

The black region will be the region that is completed in Part 1. Now we need to locate some special pieces on the top...

Find one of these pieces in black. Notice how this piece should be on the right in the blue region? There is a formula to move this there. Move this face to be your F (Front) to start. For notation, to rotate a side clockwise (means that you imagine you are looking at that side and turning the side clockwise), we will use F,B,U,D,L,R. To rotate it anticlockwise, we will use F1,B1,U1,D1,L1,R1. Got it?

To move the top pieces in black to the blue region on the right, the formula is :
U, R, U1, R1, U1, F1, U, F

OK, I mentioned don't ask why. This guide is simply to help you complete it. to understand why you may want to look at it step by step and figure it out.

If you have not figure it out, the formula for moving the top to left side in the similar case will be :
U1, L1, U, L, U, F, U1, F1

The piece should be in the blue region as shown here :

You may also find that sometimes you have a wrong piece in place like this below :

In this case, you will need to swap that piece out using the above formula moving L or R depending which side you choose to be F. You will also need to do this if you cannot find any pieces on the top to do the step above. simply move them out using the formula. If you have done it right, it will be something like this :

Now you can use the Grape side as F and move the top piece (in black region), which you had moved out just now, to the right side using the same formula again.

Do it for all the pieces (there are 4 only actually) in layer 2 and you should be having something like this :

Layer 2 for all side should be correct to end this part of the tutorial.

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