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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Solving the Rubik Cube Part 1

The Rubik cube has existed long before many of us. I still remember having to struggle to complete it when I was like.. 6? That's crazy then. There is no Internet or FAQ out there then. But today, its different now.

There are many guides on the Internet and I believe this page is not the first you came across looking for a way to complete it. Unlike other sites, I do not want to go through too much trouble about the history, how and why the method works etc. I just want to put it plain and simple. To solve the cube. Its not the fastest way to do it, but I will try to make this the simplest around.

This is divided into 3 parts and each concentrate on solve 1 layer of the cube. Before we start, lets go through some simple notation I will use later. Basically look at the cube you have now. Mine is a bit cute because it has fruits on it, yours will be color usually (OK, or super model if yours is the Playboy edition).

First, some basic. The cube consist of 6 sides and each of the has a center. The center pieces will never change. Relatively. Keep that in mind. There are 8 corners, these pieces wil lalways be corners... and the same goes for the mid side pieces. With that in mind, play around until you are able to join multiple same patterns around etc...

OK, I like strawberry, so this tutorial will pick strawberry as the base and start from there. The aim will be to create a + or cross shape as shown.

But thats not just any cross, you will have to match the side to the middle pieces on the side as well. See below :

The side pieces must match with the center pieces on the side. There are only 4 combinations, so this shouldn't be a problem even for beginners.

Next you will need to put in the 4 corner pieces and you will have to get them right as well. I am not providing much tips here because these should be very simple. If you are still struggling doing this, then you need more practice before you can go on... It will get harder.

This is how your cube should be at the end of this part. 1 Layer fully solved. With pieces matching the center of the side as well.

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