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Wednesday, May 14, 2008


First of all, lets not assumed everyone drives. If you do, this guide is not for you. You can easily find the place via your GPS. What? The building is not listed on the GPS? emm.. too bad.

Ok, lets do some walking...

1. Get off the right bus stop
I did not try the feeder bus inside. But lets talk about the bus stops on the main road. You should see Kah Motors or Honda directly in front of you if you drop on the same side. For those coming on the other side you should see a green building, following by a blue building, finally a red building after the traffic light.. They are side by side and your bus stop is right at the red building. Its City Warehouse.

2. Walking through Honda
You will need to get over via the overhead bridge if you are on the other side. In any case, you should head towards Honda. There is no fence whatever blocking you, just walk right in. There are 2 ways in Honda, one is directly in front of you. Its a bit longer. Take other other way instead. Walk towards the front of the building. You will see another path going through. Proceed with this path. You will pass by 2 entrance to Honda's Testing lab for vehicles with yellow floors on your left.

3. Find the right building and right floor
Once out of the gate at the back of Honda, you will see a brown nice building across the road. This is NOT it. The building is the one white and gray behind this one. You will need to cross the road and get to it. Once in the building, BL is at level 4. Once you come out of the lift, you will see hte nice office of BL. This is NOT where you will be served. Instead, turn right and follow the path. You will end up in some warehouse like place which is the service center. There is 2 counters there and as far as I can see, there is no queue system in place. So do not be shy go right up the counter and press the bell on your left side.

4. Getting out of BL
After all the happy/unhappy/sad/angry experience, you will probably not be thinking too well on your way out. Go into the lift. DO NOT PRESS LEVEL 1! you did not come in from Level 1. Its LEVEL 2! Level 1 is the underground car park. Once out, follow the same path back, this time Honda may not be so obvious across the road. Look for Kah Motors and you won't miss it. You may want to catch some food right across BL before continue if you are hungry. The rest is just the reverse. Go through Honda and you will come right out into the bus stop again. Cross the road if you have to via the overhead bridge.

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