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Monday, May 05, 2008

The Crossroad

It comes to a point in time, that there are many paths to take and some of these reaches where I had not been before. Before I thought it does not matter to me. I should take whichever take me the furthest. Seems like I cannot make that decision when I come to it.

Against all odds, I had turned down an opportunity to work oversea with a major telco. This could had been my break in life, but I realized what I wanted was much more simplier. Some things I could give up. Some responsibility I would want to bear. So this was the decision made. I probably will wondered for he rest of my life what would had happened if I had taken that step. I know I will never know.

Ther eare still many paths ahead here locally. Some are darker than others. I am sure for the sake of my responsibility, I would had chosen a much darker path should the opportunity arised, but for now, I think I should stick to the brighter side of life and hope one of these path will lead somewhere...

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