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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Cetis Cisco Crow Massacre Unit

I am pretty sure we all hear the gunshot and see the strange black van moving around shooting down crow in the neighborhood. I got a close look today was to be honest was a shocking experience.

I heard a gunshot and immediately recognized it and I saw it up close. This belong to a Crow culling Unit of Certis Cisco Singapore. What I cannot stand was what happen after this... I saw a crow injured and fallen to the fall maybe its wing got it or something... The man with the shotgun cross the road to reach it... Then all a sudden I see him raise a gun and take a shot into the air on a flying by crow and it fall right onto the road where car are passing by. I recall how much train we all had about using a rifle in the open space. Even a police officer has to make a difficult judge to take such a shot in open public, yet this man did not. In a total of 3 shot, he took down 2 crow. I am really concern such use of firearms in public area may some day lead to a tragedy (I recall a man killed while feeding dogs some years back, probably by the same group of people?).

Well that was still prety ok. He picked up both the crow and one of them was still quite kicking. What shock me was what happened immediate there. I saw him took the crow at one wing and slam it against a nearby tree until it stop moving. Come on, if he had already wasted 3 shots and now he is saving it by smashing the crow onto the tree? I know crows are pest, but I did not think what he did should be consider human. If this is so, we might as well equip them with morning stars and club those crow to death. Luckily no children saw this. I am sure it will project a very bad example to children.

A few things I wonder.
1. The Maths. 3 shots 2 crow. 2 guys in a van. How does the cost justify the means? Does killing 2 crows solve anything?
2. The use of firearms in open public. Has this been so open now that its pretty ok to just pull you guns and shoot when there are people walking around and car driving pass? Does the shot and crow not hit onto someone passing by?
3. Crow slamming. Does what these people do not be govern under animal cruelty? Has SPCA got anything to say about it? Or is it just because they are crow its ok to club them to death. I don't know. But in this case, maybe its ok to pull off heads of rats and electrocute the fishes in the reservoirs because they are not consider animals?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

On this moment we do have too many of those crows flying around and making a lot of noise in the night. About 60 birds in the trees of a temple on the other side of the street. We already reported to the monks but they even don't care that the people around can't sleep at all. Can't wait that this unit will come over and shoot them all out of the trees. Whatever which method it will take to give us again a normal night rest after 2 weeks... Even now they keep me again out of sleep... What those birds does is also not human to us!!!

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