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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ban Leong Sucks.

I had a VERY bad experience too. My Gfx card went KO on friday and had to wait till monday to go to BL. Despite all the help, the place IS very confusing. I took leave and called in the morning to check that they are open. OF cos, its the standard customer service->vga card tech support on the menu. Then I got lost, this is my fault, cos 150 is not exactly helpful. If you end up on the wrong side of ubi ave 4 all you see are 10s and 20s...

But eventually I called again. Same menu and asked for direction. Not very helpful, but luckily I remember walking thru Honda part and found the place.

GUESS WHAT? They say they are stock taking no RMA whatsoever until like Wed or Thu. And 2x I called and nobody said anything about stock taking? The website did not state either. I had totally wasted my day getting there and they ask me to come back again later the week (I need to take another day leave then?). I asked them then anything they CAN do today. At least take in the card or whatever. Cos even if I come down again they cannot confirm whether I will get a replacement at all. (Which means I may need to take yet another day in the future to collect the card). I refused and ask them to take in today since I am here already. I asked them if I cant get a replacement on Wed then how? They say will send back to TW and can take up to 6 weeks!!! Then I asked if they can T-Loan me something for the meantime. They say cannot. If the card goes back to TW, then I st away loses 6 weeks of usability and warranty time?

I had done with Big3 before. At least when my ASUS board when back, they load me one for the time being which alhought unhappy, but I cant complain. To make things worse is that Vista had detected a gfx change and I need to reactivate soon or it will log me out again...

1. The location sucks.
2. The information sucks. If you cant RMA, they did not even tell you.

BTW, I saw some other people around quite pissed also... They even send off one couple who is trying to RMA their Sony LCD (which I presumed is under them) to Sony Orchard. I am totally so give up on BL. Previously I always insist on getting item with BL warranty, I think I will insist I DO NOT get BL warranty in the future!!!!

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