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Monday, May 26, 2008

Backtrack 3 Teaser

Backtrack is a Blackish-hat tool used by many security professional. I used it often too for environment which are tightly controlled. You can sneak in with this on a USB thumb drive or a autoboot CD where you are not allowed to bring in your custom laptop for testing.

Backtrack 3 present many new tools, yet also new problems working in VM especially Virtual PC (which run faster for me in any environment). Anyway, since its in BETA, there is still time for it to fix up everything before the Final is out.

Meantime, enjoy the Wifu and other fantastic stuff here :

Download the BETA:

PLEASE. Do not ask me how to use this aor what is going on. If you have no idea, then I suggest, you stay out of this. There is no bad tool, just bad people.

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