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Sunday, April 27, 2008

SingTel - UOB Card Caller ID is no longer FREE

There were some good reasons to switch over to the other providers. I had the SingTel-UOB Card who promises as long as you hold the card, your Caller-ID will be FREE. I guess contract means nothing to these corp nowadays. They can change it whenever they like it.

If you cannot read the babove, you can always read it here:

Its funny why this is even put inside PROMOTION... Apparently, if you are not using Classic, Premium 700, Premium 1500 or mio plan, they will CHARGE you for Caller ID without warning from 1st April onwards. I mean, WTF? At least they should have the courtesy to tell me in advance in Feb or March about this change. All a sudden you will all receive a phonebill with charges for Caller ID. Then I seriously doubt whats the whole point of holding this card? Or for that matters stucking up Red's ass.

There is always a Greener patch out there... I will leave that in another article. P.S. The Green company gives you Caller ID for free for 1 year. In your face, SinTel.

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