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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Rice Store At Bukit Timah Plaza

I had to make a trip to Bukit Timah Plaza which is located out in nowhere a few weeks ago. My primary reason was to pick up some hamster supplies there. However, beside than what I wanted, I found something else. There is this "food court" right at the corner. There is only a few store and I ordered Cha Siew Rice with added rice. Guess what? No extra charges. $2.50 straight. And they gave me 1 full bowl of extra rice.

The rice is brownish... emm, my fear is that it doesn't not taste good. Luckily I only order 1 bowl to share with J. Well, I order another again later. It was fantastic. Like nothing you had taken before. They had a special way to prepare it and it is really good. The soup was ok, better than most place, but not fantastic. The Cha Siew was good. Cantonese style, not much fat. The Roast Pork was great too. The skin still crispy at 4pm.

However, for $2.50. I ate until I am full. J was full. We did not have a proper lunch due to travel, but this certainly finished our dinner as well.

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