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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

PerfectDisk 2008 for WHS Build 48

I had been trying out both Perfectdisk and Diskeeper some time back on my WHS. So far, Perfectdisk has an edge because it was able to install. Somehow for me, the trial of Diskeeper ends up with :

“Product: Diskeeper 2008 HomeServer — This edition of Diskeeper is not supported on this version of Windows. See the Table of Editions in the Diskeeper Readme.txt file for a list of supported operating systems. Setup will now exit.”

So, I guess I can only try out Perfectdisk for now. Although someone from Diskeeper did leave a comment, I probably check it out later on. Maybe they might be able to help me resolve this issue.

Perfectdisk on the other hand has made an improvement which I only knew 5 minutes ago from their email. The have finally integrated the GUI into Home Server Console. I guess thats a good point to go.

Ok, this is what it looks like when you use your Home Server Console to connect to it. Notice something? Yes, there is a C:\ and a C:\fs\4... Emm, thats must be whats so different for this version of WHS. Well, for me it works so far so good.

But whether does this seriously addresses the 4k cluster issue and VSS, that I need time to confirm. I should note that on a thread I recently read, VSS is not suppose to work on WHS in terms of storing previous versions. However, I am dead sure I had to VSS is enabled on the WHS. Well, maybe I am just confused for now. I will follow on this.

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Derek from Diskeeper said...

It sounds like the installation was not quite done properly. A simple fix. If you would kindly write to me at, I will assign a senior technical engineer to walk you through this immediately.

Again, on the VSS front—Diskeeper HomeServer 2008 is the only WHS defragmenter that is compatible. It is even endorsed by the Microsoft WHS team directly (as evidenced by the two product videos featuring Diskeeper at the Home Server web site itself under Partners).

Write to me at the above e-mail address and let’s get you taken care of.

All the best,

Derek De Vette
VP Public Affairs
Diskeeper Corporation

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