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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Goodbye SingTel! Hello Starhub

Let me share a story. I love the LG Viewty Phone, well for the price vs function anyway. I had been a SinTel Page, Mobile, Landline user for like since they started. So when my contract is ending, I gave them a call to see if they can work something out for me.

On the phone, I speak with the operator for hte latest promotion to renew. They apparently had nothing much. Their LG Viewty is $250 more than Starhub. So after some ping pong, she directed me to the manager. I asked her again to see if they can do something to keep a old customer. Guess what? She told me to go to a fair somewhere in Parkway Parade where they can give me further discount... I asked how much? She replied $50 less. OK, maybe their maths is not very good or they think my maths is not very good.

So, it was Starhub for me. I called them as well. I told them straight I am with SinTel and I asked if they can make me an offer I cannot reject. Straight away, they gave me $100 voucher for ANY plan with them for 2 years. Great, that makes a $350 difference with SinTel now. Ok, if consider the Parkway fair, $300 difference. Then the operator was pretty nice. I swear I did not sweet talk her, but she suggested I check the newpaper... There is a better offer... Oh, OK. So I did. One of Starhub's reseller was offering a further discount and package which is another $50 less plus free gifts. Emm, so there I was, grabbing my phone and line. Total. I saved $350 compare to if I stick with SinTel. But SingTel I had Caller-ID for Free due to the SingTel-UOB Card. So, in a way its kinda $60 more per year for me. But Starhub was willing to give me 3 months for free which means its $60 + $60 - $15 = $105 more for the whole 2 years contract. Big deal.

At this point, I need to stress that SingTel-UOB has scrapped that benefits without warning and its no longer FREE. And on top of this, Starhub has extended my 3 months to 1 year of FREE Caller-ID. That means that comparing SinTel and Starhub, I had a savings of $60 instead. Totalling my savings from the start to $410.

Niow, about the FREE gift. As I was no big fan of Jeff Chang, I gladly sold away the pair of tickets at low cost taking back another $120. Total, that means $530. Ok, I wont say how much I pay for the Viewwty, but apparently if you maths is not too bad, you will know its not just free. I have nett profit instead for changing a new phone...

You guys in the red, I don't know what else is holding you, but the patch is definitely greener here.

I DO NOT work for Starhub nor SingTel. This is totally based on my own experience and is not fictionous.

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