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Friday, April 18, 2008

真正的正义只有一个 End of

Why I am so happy when such a useful website went down? I must be mad or I just can't have the world in peace for a day. If you recall, Streetdirectory was going around suing other companys for use of their map (which LTA has proven was stolen without paying for copyright).

A company that makes money out of other's work without paying for it. This is piracy if you ask me.

A company that makes money suing people for what they do not own. This is Odex, if you remember.

And was actually like Odex. This is the very reason why we should be happy. That the true justice can be served and the deceiver can be taken down accordingly.


But there was a darker story to this. Many many years ago, I actuall wrote to street directory and give nthem advice on how to protect their maps with digital signature and other means of copyrights. For all you know, the root of these problem could had been me. But I was dead certain I was helping the good guys then. This world is truly dynamic. You can never be sure who you in turn help or harm in the end.

Nevertheless, Singaporean will have to learn how to live without streetdirectory from now onwards and get a GPS phone. Now, this does sound like a conspiracy...

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