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Monday, April 21, 2008

CWCheat V0.22B

Once again, there are some updates. I had ripped the original 4MB package as usual to this 130k file for the PSP Slim only. This is meant to be an upgrade if you had followed my post. If you have other version installed, just overwrite them with this package. I hadalso included the latest CheatDB as of today 21 Apr 08. So you will need to download that again. I had spoken before that I wil not update the POPS CheatDB unless there is a need to, and the original package actually does not contain a newer POPS CheatDB from don't know when.

Unpack everything to /seplugins :

Once again, you will need take note if you have other plugins, you will need to edit the 3 txt files. Otherwise, overwrite is fine.

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