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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Windows Home Server Super Pack 1

Ok, this is just a fancy name I give to the WHS for those additional hardware I put in. Here is the list :

Enlight AIO Card Reader $16
Exhaust Fan $5
HDD Cooler Dual Fan 2x$10=$20 (One for each HDD)
3.5" Floppy Drive Black $12
Sony/Liteon DVD Writer 16x $40
Acebel 470W High Efficiency Power $72
SIS 1GB DDR2-800 RAM $34 (I added it to 2GB for performance)

That bring a total of $199. Well over my original $800 Budget :P. Consider the throw in of WHS Software which is about $250, that will being the whole box cost slightly over $1.1k. Well, is this worth it? Sure. It has much better hardware and more flexibility than the OEM. Imagine the OEM box you will buy has only 1x500GB HDD at $1.2k+ and without some of the stuff above. What do you think?

However, this is because I am greedy. If you stick to the basic pack, there is no reason you will exceed $800 in hardware. In fact I paid a little more on some of the stuff above because it makes me feel good. :)

Well, Enter UNICRON!

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