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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Windows Home Server - The Outside

Ok, lets see version of the the finishing product. I had added some other components in addition to the previous specs and this is how it looks like. Kinda remind me of K.I.T.T from Knight Rider though. Although this casing is call VIOS 9002, it has NOTHING to do with cars though. :)

This is the front, the DVD Writer is concealed in a bay door just like the F117.

The black reflective surface gives it a good look. It has none of the stealth fighter's radar wave adsorption capabilities though.

The back is not concealed for ventilation. It has an additional exhaust fan in PCI slot if you can see it and sleeve fan mounted at the back plate. The 4 USB ports can be seen from here of the Asus Mobo.

This is another close up of the front.

And this is the reason why its cool. Its blue, just like my Habu and Reclusa.

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