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Friday, March 14, 2008

Cool Blue to Evil Red - The switch to the dark side

I am surprised that during the 80s, show were so stereotype. The good guys always uses the blue laser, and the bad guys the red in almost all the sci fi movie I can name. But today, I find the evil red looks cool. See for yourself :

This mouse has some functions that seriously make hte habu looks bad, like Quick Turn, which allows you to calibrate and turn 180 degrees in your FPS, looking behind and back is just 1 click away. For FPS, this mouse also has on-the-fly Precision Booster which allows you to zoom in with high precision when using a sniper rifle. The mouse also feature custom weights so that you can adjust until you love hte weight on the mouse. Cool? There is a on the fly dpi changer with 3 adjustable settings. This has pro and con with Habu's dpi up/down switch. This also comes with a angler to weight down the execessive cables so that it does get in your way when you are trying to do quick movements with your mouse.

See more at :

Well, the down side is this mouse is not for everyone. The size and shape is one thing. some people just can't reach the button based on they way they hold the mouse. For me, its just nice. The connector is not 24k gold. Also this is not from Razor, but Microsoft. So if put together with the Reclusa, it a clear contrast of Cool Blue vs Evil Red there... Maybe Microsoft will reveal a Evil Red Keyboard soon?

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