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Thursday, February 21, 2008

WHS Data Corruption Error KB 646676

Just to give everyone else using the WHS a heads up that there is a know issue with saving files directly to the WHS. BTW, I always thought this is a bad idea. I would save local then transfer back to WHS. But whatever reason if you are doing that using the following (which MS has confirmed) :

Windows Vista Photo Gallery
Windows Live Photo Gallery
Microsoft Office OneNote 2007
Microsoft Office OneNote 2003
Microsoft Office Outlook 2007
Microsoft Money 2007
SyncToy 2.0 Beta
Intuit QuickBooks

or these (which MS cannot confirm) :

Photoshop Elements
Zune Software
Apple iTunes
Mozilla Thunderbird
Adobe Lightroom
Intuit Quicken
MS Digital Image Library
Windows Media Player 11
Microsoft Office Excel
Visual DataFlex

Then you should stop it right now until a fix can be issued.

Follow the story at :;en-us;946676&sd=rss&spid=12624


ApplauseSoftware said...

Dear Blog Owner:

Please be kindly informed that I challenge the listing of Visual DataFlex on this list.

I am a Visual DataFlex developer of over 25 years and owner/lead programmer for Applause Software in Boston.

PS: Visual DataFlex can use all the publicity it gets, LOL, so if one googles for Visual DataFlex and finds the Visual DataFlex Blog you can find more information there soon.

Peter A Donovan
Applause Software - Boston

Nemesis said...

Well, put it this way, from the way it looks, the problem is DEFINITELY not due to these software. even big M has some of their own listed as having problem.

I am not sure how far MS has gotten on this issue, this is what I believe is the problem. When a file usually is saved (with duplication on), WHS will attempts to make a copy on the other harddisk. Somehow, this process COULD happen beforethe file is fully saved or if part of the files is incompleted etc having the file handle still open. This is what i believe is the issue. Why this does happen to other software? Maybe their file is very small (less than 1 4k cluster) or perhaps its just hasnt been so widely used (and being feedbacked) to MS.

As far, MS was not able to reproduce this error with Visual Dataflex, but some users has feedback it has this problem. No matter what is the case, for now, the best to do is never to direct save the file onto WHS. P.S. Ever wonder why nobody is talking about big A's tools so far? (nobody cares?)

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