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Thursday, February 21, 2008

WHS and the Anti Something

Hai, to make the WHS perfect, I am sure everyone wants a Anti virus, Anti Spyware or something on it. So did I. First off, I tried ESet Business Suite with everyone including the Personal FW. Bad mistake, its pretty hard to configure it to make it work properly and most of the WHS function were crippled by it. Ok, maybe just the Anti Virus. Works well for a few days.

Until I tried to delete something over the network. I think its because WHS tries to sync it (double copy?) and Eset tries to delete it etc.. totally crashed the server. Rebooted. Tried some other things like make a copy then immediately delete. Happens again.

The mistake made was it says its works with WS2003. But this is the main difference here. WHS is NOT Ws2003 even though the underlining core is about the same. Today, I had only heard of Avast having a WHS antivirus solution. I really hate it because I tried the Vista one before and I had to reinstall Vista again after that. Unless someone can give me a FREE permanent license for this, I am not considering installing it to try and remove after expire.

Just to update, I had remove Eset for now and the server was up like a few days since then. No hiccups, no reboot. Backup went 100% fine. So, does this mean I should advise anyone to stay off Anti Virus until the WHS certified branding is in?

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