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Thursday, February 28, 2008

F*cking Bitch TAKES ALL at Expo Popular Sales

Ever wonder why certain items as advertise is never available at the sales? Today I met such a bitch in Singapore Expo. There was this item on sale and I arrived early at 10:10 (it starts at 10am). There I saw a bitch pulling a truck of 10+ of THAT item. Straight away I know its shitted. I went around to ask and guess what? Its OUT OF STOCK! Why? One fu*king bitch bought it all. Thats the reason why they should always limit to max number of item per customer. Does this not make sense. I mean, you buy 3, nothing to say. Buy 10+ WTF? Go cut yourself into pieces har? (Btw, its a paper cutter).

OK, lets join me in a prayer that the f*cking Singaporean Bitch cut herself in her eyes (ok , lets make it better by cutting her childrens and grandma as well) while using it...

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