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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

RPC Shutdown at Shanghai Pudong Airport

Its a pretty big and fantastic airport. One strange thing is that the shops are "mirrored". You have them at both ends so you need not trravel from one end to the other to buy something... There is the same shop oin your side too. That I must say, we don't do here. In any way we see it, its a waste of money due to unnecessary resources.

However, one particular thing was really "funny". Despite all the advancement, the following happened :

For those who did not know whats going on, this is a typical RPC expoiltation. It causes the computer to shutdown. Usually its related to port 137 attack or a mlaware infection. There is a quick way to overwrite this by running : shutdown -a on command prompt as admin. However, we can clearly see this happening to 4 of the 6 screens running the airport time flight schedule. Here is a bigger picture :

Well, it rebooted and ran into Windows 2000 Pro with an auto login account and reran the program. Its probably not affecting the system, but who knows that sort of stuff are in these computers or are they even 0wnzed to attack other systems.

Well, I think the airport system is due for a security audit. :)

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