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Friday, January 18, 2008

PSP 3.80M33-4

I know I owe you guys some update on the new PSP Firmware by DA. Hei, he did a good job ok, and since the 3.80M33 to v4, most of the bugs are (err..ehmm) courtesy of Sony anyway.

So, lets cut the chase and go all the way to 3.80M33-4. Cool?

You will need to have at least 3.52M33 to go on this. Any non-m33 or non-HX firmware will not work. I dun even want to go into the detail how to get here since it is probably going to involve the pandora battery.

Download the 3.80M33.RAR below. I did not like the idea of the so call "easy installer" because it is a EXE afterall and you never know what the program can do if it was modified by someone else. So my release here is plain vanilla. Just extract the UPDATE folder inside to your /PSP/GAME/ Directory on your PSP. Then run the update and follow ALL instructions.

It will reboot and everything should go fine. Next you will need the other file 3.80M33-4.RAR. Yes, you can skip all the v2-v3 thing. Please delete your (now) old 3.80m33 UPDATE folder from your PSP first before copying this one to the same place in /PSP/GAME/. Now run this again. OK with that you will complete quickly because its just a minor upgrade.

Reboot and you are a proud owner of 3.80m33-4 now!

3.80M33 :

3.80M33-4 :

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