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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Farewell, ChuChu

I just want to make a quick post here in case some of you keep asking I had disappeared. On the night morning of 4th Jan 2007, my ChuChu has suddenly passed away and left us forever. I am sorry, this is really hard for me, even while I type this. Its awefully hard to see with tears in my eyes.

I know its just a puppy. But she is like a daughter to me and I am not sure how many people around me really understand that. The pain really hurts. I kept remembering her smile and how she wangs her tail in circle when she see me. I miss the way she licks me and wake me up in the morning... All these will only be memories now.

Yes, if you asked me I blame god or whomever. She is just a pup and we had barely a year together. WHY? Must this be? I will never see the purpose. I know there are people like Ana who really cares and comforted me, but I guess putting it this way makes it even harder for me. I simply could not accept the fail she is now gone forever.

I am sorry. I dint mean to be nasty. I know you all cared a lot for me. And I know that even if I cry until my eyes bleed (literally its possible. The blood vessels burst and you see red spots in my your eyes) she will never be back. My friends, I just need some time. I hope you all understand. I thank you all for your support and all the help you had extended and I am sure both my and J really needed it. I really looked to see if I could get conseling for pet lost, but I guess there is none here in Singapore.

Ok, I am going on and on again. I need to take some time off and really work hard on my work and forget everything for now. Thanks again everyone. Dont worry about me. I will be strong because there are still a lot of friends, family who need me.

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