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Saturday, January 19, 2008

PSP Poploader 3.80v2

Yes, this is the finaly piece of the update for 3.80m33. The Poploader has some bugs for the original release. Here is the fix. Remember that if you have other plugins such as CWCheat which was in hte previous post, you should edit your pops.txt to include the following line :


instead of blindly copying it over. If not, just copy the extract to the main directory of your PSP and it will all goes in exactly since the sepugins directory has been created in this package.

Poploader 3.80v2 :

Friday, January 18, 2008

CWCheat 0.2.1

Its out, but it doesn't has specific support for 3.80M33 yet. If you are using 3.71 on PSPSlim, I have the stripped down package here for you. For 3.80M33, you will be sharing the 3.60M33 package because I find that works best for now.

Extract the package to your seplugins directory and you are all to go. If you have other plugins, do edit the game.txt, game150.txt and pops.txt accordingly.

The packages has been updated with cheat.db as of 19/01/08.

CWCheat for 3.71 :

CWCheat for 3.60 (Recommended for 3.80 as well) :

PSP 3.80M33-4

I know I owe you guys some update on the new PSP Firmware by DA. Hei, he did a good job ok, and since the 3.80M33 to v4, most of the bugs are (err..ehmm) courtesy of Sony anyway.

So, lets cut the chase and go all the way to 3.80M33-4. Cool?

You will need to have at least 3.52M33 to go on this. Any non-m33 or non-HX firmware will not work. I dun even want to go into the detail how to get here since it is probably going to involve the pandora battery.

Download the 3.80M33.RAR below. I did not like the idea of the so call "easy installer" because it is a EXE afterall and you never know what the program can do if it was modified by someone else. So my release here is plain vanilla. Just extract the UPDATE folder inside to your /PSP/GAME/ Directory on your PSP. Then run the update and follow ALL instructions.

It will reboot and everything should go fine. Next you will need the other file 3.80M33-4.RAR. Yes, you can skip all the v2-v3 thing. Please delete your (now) old 3.80m33 UPDATE folder from your PSP first before copying this one to the same place in /PSP/GAME/. Now run this again. OK with that you will complete quickly because its just a minor upgrade.

Reboot and you are a proud owner of 3.80m33-4 now!

3.80M33 :

3.80M33-4 :

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Chuchu and Chew Stick

Here is another video of my dearest Chuchu when she was very youngand we are playing with her on with a chewy stick...

Monday, January 07, 2008

Flowers for ChuChu

I visited her today again... Although its only a short while. Its still really hard for me. J seems better. Wini seems to go into state of denial by playing ball or maybe she totally did not understand. But when I asked her if she miss ChuChu, she turn back and look at me...

Anyway, we bought flower for her. I really hope she will love it.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

ChuChu's Photo

I tried to spend sometime this morning to arrange her photo up... I wanted to put one with her urn. Yes, she is back with us again. The only difference is she wont bark, lick or play pity anymore...

I was saying the photos. Yes, its hard. I thought I was ready. But it hurts so much. I can only manage to print out a few then I had to stop... Breaking down. Especially when I saw all her happy baby photos and some of the ones which I took just last week. It was only a few days before, yet now those are the last photos I took of her. After she past away, I did not manage to pull myself together to take anymore of her as she lay on the bed with the blanket I put on her...

I tried talking to so many people about this. It feels better, but whenever I started to retell the story, I kinda lost it there... It did get a bit easier with each attempt though. I really want to thank my friends who listen and gave me advices especially people like Shohoku, Yun, Ana and others. I think with their help, I will get better soon.

I went to buy some things for her, a bowl to put her favorites treats etc, a photo frame to put her picture, candles holder to use when she comes back on the 7th days this friday... I really had hoped I had spend more on her... I realized how stingy I was to her... And that really make me feel so guilty and sad. In fact, I remember I really hated her when she bite my laptop charger... I hit her... I really wondered if she will ever forgive me for that. I truly regreted that so much. Why I had to do that... For all you know she was very hurt then... I still remember I hugged so hard after that cos I realized what a terrible thing I did. Well, if she did not forgive me, I will just have to take this to my grave and ask for her forgiveness when I see her again.

I still remember I had this tube of chocolate vitamins for her. We got it when we got her and I remember feeding her at the bus stop then. We were so happy then. She licking the paste and I looked at her. After a while we felt she didn't need that anymore and its making her fat actually. Now I still remember its in the storeroom. She never even finished it. Its .. Sorry...

Ya, its really sad to see some of the things she did not used. Some of her clothes we bought for this new year and other toys. I remember I bought 3 sets of them. One for each of them. She had a scarf, many pretty clothes, even a Kimono. She will look like my little princess I thought. Yet, I never even got a chance to see her wear it. I did not put it on her cos she actually did not love clothes much. I thought I wanted to have her o her most comfy things she wanted. Now all these we packed it up because well many reasons. To come think of this. I feel I rather not celebrate CNY anymore cos I am really not in the mood. Sorry... I had to take a break and come back...

Oh, Wini and Bobi seems ok I guess. Wini search for Chuchu here and there, but she has fun things to play with like balls etc. Bobi is also doing his part to try and play with Wini. I guess among all, Wini is the one will is worse cos Chuchu is with her almost every minute... Maybe she doesn't understand, but if she does, she is doing a hell of a job hiding it. I really wanted to spend more time with them now. So its time to be strong and not cause them to be sad. I think inside, I will still mourn. But when facing them, I have to put on the smile and play with them.

Ok, tomorrow is Monday again. I had lots of work this week. But its good and bad. Good in the way I can concentrate and do something. Bad cos I cant spend more time with them. Well, until I feel I am ok to blog again, do enjoy these few songs I loved (and now managed to understand deeper and feel deeper) from X-Japan.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Tears - X Japan

"Wherever we go is okay,"
You said
Now what may have been
Has been stopped by time

On that night that was too long
I had a dream where you left me
Staring at a foreign sky
I hugged my lonliness

My fallen tears
Are piling up on the winds of time
At the end
I feel your breath





My fallen tears
Are piling up on the winds of time
This feeling at the end
Makes my blue rose change*

If you could have taught me anything
You would have found what love is
If you could have taught me what was on your mind
I could have shown you the way
Someday... I will be before you
Have you ever thought about that time?
I never imagined the pictures of that night
For now I will try to live for you
And for...
I will try to live
Try to live the love, the dreams,
And finally, the tears.

Endless Rain - X Japan

I'm walking in the rain,
though everything seems to be hurting me for some reason.
There is only nothing.
Just kill me now ... as I roam forever.
Until I can forget your love.

To me sleep is a confusing, narcotic
that only quiets the beating heart.
All my love seems to flow from my body like a heart felt memory.
I keep my love for you to myself.

*Endless rain, fall on my heart In this wounded soul.
Let me forget, all of the hate, all of the sadness,

Days of joy, days of sadness slowly pass me by.
As I try to hold you, you are vanishing before me.
You're just an illusion.
When I am awake, my tears have dried in the sands of sleep.
I'm a rose blooming in the desert.

It's a dream, I'm in love with you.
Hold me warmly in your arms.
I awake from my dream
I can't find my way without you

The dream is over.
I can no longer hear the voice of your gentle words.
Floating off tear stained walls.
So awakening in the morning, I'll move into my dreams ...
until I can forget your love.

repeat *

Endless rain, fall on my heart, in this wounded soul.
Let me forget, all of the hate, all of the sadness.
Endless rain, let me stay a memory in your heart.
Let me take in your tears, take in your memories.

X Japan - Forever Love

I'll never walk alone again,
the winds of time are to strong.
Ah, it's that what you hurts,
which you'll have to live with...
Ah, this tight embrace,
and this burning, unchanged heart.
In this ever changing time,
love will never change.

Will you hold my heart? Stop flowing tears.
Again, all of my heart is broken....

Forever love, forever dream
Only flowing emotions,
bury this intense,
trying, meaningless times.
Oh tell me why ... all I see is blue in my heart.

Will you stay with me?
Wait until after the wind passes,
all my tears are still flowing...

Forever love, forever dream
Stay with me like this.
Hold my trembling heart in the dawn.
Oh stay with me...

Ah, everything good seems to be ending,
in this unending night.
Ah, what else would you lose if nothing at all matters.

Forever love, forever dream,
stay with me like this.
Hold my trembling heart in the dawn.

Oh will you stay with me...
Until the wind passes,
stay with me again.

Forever love, forever dream,
I'll never walk this path.
Oh tell me why, tell me true,
teach me how to live.
Forever love, forever dream,
within flowing tears
Bright seasons will forever change
again and again ....
Forever love...

Farewell, ChuChu

I just want to make a quick post here in case some of you keep asking I had disappeared. On the night morning of 4th Jan 2007, my ChuChu has suddenly passed away and left us forever. I am sorry, this is really hard for me, even while I type this. Its awefully hard to see with tears in my eyes.

I know its just a puppy. But she is like a daughter to me and I am not sure how many people around me really understand that. The pain really hurts. I kept remembering her smile and how she wangs her tail in circle when she see me. I miss the way she licks me and wake me up in the morning... All these will only be memories now.

Yes, if you asked me I blame god or whomever. She is just a pup and we had barely a year together. WHY? Must this be? I will never see the purpose. I know there are people like Ana who really cares and comforted me, but I guess putting it this way makes it even harder for me. I simply could not accept the fail she is now gone forever.

I am sorry. I dint mean to be nasty. I know you all cared a lot for me. And I know that even if I cry until my eyes bleed (literally its possible. The blood vessels burst and you see red spots in my your eyes) she will never be back. My friends, I just need some time. I hope you all understand. I thank you all for your support and all the help you had extended and I am sure both my and J really needed it. I really looked to see if I could get conseling for pet lost, but I guess there is none here in Singapore.

Ok, I am going on and on again. I need to take some time off and really work hard on my work and forget everything for now. Thanks again everyone. Dont worry about me. I will be strong because there are still a lot of friends, family who need me.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Shanghai Photo Slideshow

Ok here is the Shanghai one as requested. As usual, its poorly taken because I am blocked behind glass windows mostly. Despite all effort to negate the mirroring effect, it still exists. Some of these are taken using my W660i because (accident do happens) I run out of battery on my C750UZ and the closest store is like 400m away.

My Dalian Photo Slideshow

Armed only with a Olympus C-750UZ, I can only do the best I can. There is a time I always regret not bringing my gears there, but at other times in a chaotic airport and luggages, I am glad I didn't.

RPC Shutdown at Shanghai Pudong Airport

Its a pretty big and fantastic airport. One strange thing is that the shops are "mirrored". You have them at both ends so you need not trravel from one end to the other to buy something... There is the same shop oin your side too. That I must say, we don't do here. In any way we see it, its a waste of money due to unnecessary resources.

However, one particular thing was really "funny". Despite all the advancement, the following happened :

For those who did not know whats going on, this is a typical RPC expoiltation. It causes the computer to shutdown. Usually its related to port 137 attack or a mlaware infection. There is a quick way to overwrite this by running : shutdown -a on command prompt as admin. However, we can clearly see this happening to 4 of the 6 screens running the airport time flight schedule. Here is a bigger picture :

Well, it rebooted and ran into Windows 2000 Pro with an auto login account and reran the program. Its probably not affecting the system, but who knows that sort of stuff are in these computers or are they even 0wnzed to attack other systems.

Well, I think the airport system is due for a security audit. :)

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