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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

X'mas at 30000 Feet

It was a quite minute, nobody stood up and shouted "Woo-Hoo" like Homer Simpsons. The quiet minute at 12am passed without much notice. This was my X'mas at 2007. No present, no greetings. I expected it as much because the only thing I missed was sleep and my gf wrapped up like a christmas present. I miss Bobi in his Santa Claus Uniform too.

The flight from Shanghai back was filled with unnecessary people (to me) from some tour group whom keep talking about things they knew (and expected everyone else to know or are interested). I kept quiet. sleepy. But deep down, I did not wanted myself to be associated with these group of people. The air stewardess asked me something... I just nodded or shake my head, pretending I did not understand the language. I had pretty good service of course, she must had thought I am a Japanese or Korean. :) That must be something pretty bad I did. There was this other Japanese old man, whom I can't help but speak a few sentences to him in Japanese to ask where he is from, going etc... Well, luckily he is more interested in his books then me or the air stewardess. :P Or I could not had continued the conversation.

Its sad. Not because of the job. I get paid pretty well and its something simply and straight forward. Just the helplessness of being so high yet lonely. There is a chinese saying that the higher you go, the more lonely you get. I guess its true literally.

Anyway, at that moment, I suddenly remembered a song by 迪克牛仔 called 三万英尺. It must had described my feeling pretty well there... Here is the MTV for those whom has not heard of it.


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