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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Summary of my China Trip

It was cold. Very in Dalian (-4C) and quite in Shanghai (8C). What I had heard from other people about spitting, dirty toilets I did not see thankfully. Maybe its because these city are a lot better or simplify this is not the season. I do see gambling though.. at first, there were like 3 person playing cards (at the airport) and I went to grab a can of coffee. When I was back, there were like 8 playing and some 10 odd watching. The police are around though. Maybe its legal, I don't know. I would love to take a photo, but I did not to avoid getting myself in trouble. Well, that's in Dalian anyway.

Talking about the airport, I arrived late on Sat and ended up paying rmB45 to get to my hotel. On my return trip, I took public bus. why? Because I simply needed to experience how good/bad it is. Whats the point of being there and not doing it. The result is about 50 mins (as compared to 20 minutes) ride and only RMB1. Well, thats the way to go if you doing budget.

I had travelled to a University of sort in Dalian at the seaside. That one of the best view to get of the seaside I guess at this time. I did not have the time to travel to the other seaside parks, so this will have to do. The wind is pretty big and the sea is wide open. And its blue in case you wonder how it looks. True blue. Not many sea has this color around here. There was a small park there outside of the university and I see people bringing their dogs there. Unleashed. Ya, probably there is no need cos the dogs are pretty well trained and I think people has the right expectation here.

I travelled along the bus routes and visit some parks. The only thing I can say is that the traffic is horrible in Dalian. The traffic light is there, but nobody ever obeys it. Not the vehicles, not the pedestrians. Nobody does. You basically see no cars and make a dash for it. Thats the only thing I hated. I think if you expected any vehicles to slow down or stop for you, you will very likely end up in the morgue. BTW, Dalian has one of the highest moto vehicles fatality in the whole world.

Well, thats about all I can say about Dalian since I am really there for a gew days, but really only about 12 hours of time on my own...

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Anonymous said...

Dalian is a planned city, where the people do not even flick cigie ash on the floor..... ever notice how clean the floor is? They're so well disciplined that they do not want the term "Fine City", like us here.... :)

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