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Sunday, December 09, 2007

PSP Slim 3.71M33-3 from 3.60M33

I finally updated my PSP from 3.60m33 to 3.71m33-3... Its basically a 2 step process.

First you will need to update to 3.71m33-1...
Download that from my previous post and then extract all to the /PSP/Game directory.
Run it from the menu and follow on screen instruction.
It will run the official Sony Firmware upgrade.
YOU MUST PRESS X or O when told to reboot!!! OR else your PSP is bricked.
Now you should have 3.71M33-1.

OK, we all know there must be a 3.71m33-2, but since we are going to 3.71M33-3, we can skip that. Just download 3.71M33-3 and then extract to /PSP/Game directory again. Do delete the old firmware upgrade before doing this.
Run it from the menu.
There is no Sony Firmware upgrade this time. Just a quick black screen with about 6-8 files copied.
There you have it. Now you are in 3.71M33-3.

You can load in the PopLoader from the 3.71M33-3 archive as well and you should cold boot up hold R. Go to SEPlugin and enable what you need. For me, I will have USBCharge and CWCheat on as well. Ya, you might as well upgrade CWCheat to 0.1.9i as well. If you put in PopLoader, enable it as well.



CWCheat V0.1.9I

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