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Thursday, December 13, 2007

PSP 3.71M33-4

It was only a few days again I upgraded to 3.71M33-3 and then D_A has done it again! Now 3.71M33-4 is out. The main difference lies in the poploader only.

Here is the what's changed :

- Bugfix: Multidisc psx games bought in the psn store would not work due to the format being differentand M33 treating them as decrypted games.
- Added support for decrypted multidisc psx games created with popstation_md (supplied with this release).
Included in the package is a new version of popsloader.

Changelog in popsloader:
- Bugfix: Games without compression had sound issues when using 3.72 pops. Fixed.- Added support for multidisc psx games created with popstation_md. Note: multi disc games willonly work in 3.71 and 3.72 pops. Previous pops will exit to the xmb with generic error 0×80000004when attempting to run multidisc games.

Here is the firmware:

Same as M33-3, just copy over and patch. This update requires 3.71M33 at least.

So, its up to you. But I do know that Sony has released 3.80 with support for Internet Radio as shown below :

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