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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

My Melody vs Kuromi

Recently in the past 2 years you will notice Sanrio has released a black color rabbit that looks alike to My Melody. Who actually is she?

Kuromi is featured in a cartoon (anime) called Onegai My Melody and is My Melody's arch nemesis. She is the head of a biker gang. However, My Melody still feel warm for her and does not hate her, although the reverse is not true. She rides on a animal tapir (purple in color) called Baku which is similar to My Melody's.

So, don't be surprised by Kuromi and thought its a imitation. Yeap, imitation are not that good. Kuromi has character and is quite cool.

I will answer another long debated question here. Is My Melody Red or Pink? Or one of them is fake?

The answer is My Melody was Red in 1976 featured as Little Red Riding Hood. Then in 1977, she is in pink. But later on in the 200x, her red color image was revived and now we have both My Melody. Both are original.

How about the flower and the bow? Yes, all of them are original as well. At different stage, My Melody was using different accessories in her merchandise.

Ok, I will stop here. I refused to discuss about Hello Kitty. :P

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

There were never a debate about my melody red or pink

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