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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Going to Dalian Soon

Yes, its finally going to happen. After I had to passed my previous trips to Shanghai and Shenzhen, I am finally going to land on China and the first city is here. Well, technically, not really, I will be in Pudong for like 5 hours to wait for my transit... Thats probably a good time for me to think about my stuff and write my long awaiting money report.

But this is not goingto be a leisure trip the way I see it. I will need to be in on a Sunday for work and I will spend my X'mas on the redeye flight back. Thats not really sad consider I am not much of a X'mas guy.

Anyway, this trip will be significant not in term of where I am, but rather its my first oversea assignment and I will see to it that this wont be the last. Will try to blog when I get there.

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