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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Gearing up for the SubZero

Yes, another major thing about my trip to Dalian is that its subzero temp. Often as low as -5C. I simply would said thats its nothing I have not encountered. I remember it was hell of a -25C in the Canberra when I as there on the cold days in many years. But of course, that night I was dead a sleep in a few layers of blanket indoor.

This trip will be simple. I would be covered most of the time and as such I am not planning much for the sightseeing unless I can adapt to the weather and the coastal breezes. However, there are 2 (or more) trips I must make to get to the work place which is like 20 mins walk probably across a few roads. The weather however will not be on my side.

So, I had to get a couple of wool clothes, gloves (boy, I love those ski gloves, but I have absolutely no use for them) and scraf. I also recall you can probably get heatbags, but I did not see any of those here...

Well, from what I heard, the weather will not be the least of my problem. the traffic is a bloody riot my friend say. Dalian has one of the highest moto vechicles fatality rate in the world. Thats the strong statement. Anyway, I will have to pack mobile and light. I do hope my cranky laptop will survive the subzero temperature as well.

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