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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Back from reservist

Its been 2 f*cking long week there and although I get to book out often, its dear to my pockets. :) I don't know if its getting tougher or not, but I am beginning to feel it. There was one scene I was so shag that I was staring blank while the young guys was carrying the heavy stuff and shouting. That moment, I thought I shutdown. Maybe thats aging... I can't do crazy stuff like I used to in my younger days I guess... Even speeding... I love the wind in my face and my scarf flying when the assault boats roars through the mirror sea at night... In my younger days, I would ram the throttle until it break man... I can no longer do that... Its not fear, but the responsibility that stop me. There are a lot of people at stake. I just cant do things without thinking like I used to...

The experience this time was slightly better. And despite my medical condition, I still tried my best, although not everyone agrees. Its too bad they had screwed up with the manpower resources and I seriously do not think I will get anymore popular standing one side while everyone works. (Believe me, there are quite some of them like this already...). I just hope the next ICT I will at least be posted to do something which I can do without endangering anyone.

Wel, its over. I did not get to enjoy it much because it was pretty short out in the field. But I do know that sometimes, people just have to push harder and talk some senses and things can done. This is the lesson learned this time and we did not have to suffer because of some stupid decision and unnecessary kiasu-ness.

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