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Thursday, November 08, 2007

SE W660i Reprise

Oh ok, this is not the best camera phone around. That quite sum it up for the camera. But I had decided to pay for what I need and a simple basic camera is all I care for now. Its not powerful enough for a 2.0 MP against a 3.2MP K800i. Its does not come with BestShot(tm) which you can choose out of 9 shots which one you want to keep. Its does not have flash (which is pretty much useless and sometimes a hinder when you want to take photo without other people knowing. Animal photography sucks as well.

Now, the good part. The Walkman software is quite good. In fact, its so good you can actually continue to listen to your walkman and take photo at the same time. This is definitely not what K800i can do. The MegaBass(tm) is solid if I had not mention it before and its probably the most important thing I bought this photo for. TrackID is pretty much like online DB regconisation which is so common on the PC already. However, when using it with GPRS, it cost money. So i do not forsee myself using it much. I pretty much know what I put into my walkman phone anyway.

In all, take some give some. W660i is not the top of the line phone around but well worth the price and its beats anything that plays music I know. However, for someone who wants the best of both world AGAIN, there is W960i coming... 3,2MP with NegaBass(tm). Well big deadl, K850i is already 5MP. But I have decided I will use a REAL camera and forget about camera phone for now.

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