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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

PSP 3.72 HX is Out!

Yes, after Dark_Alex pretty much left 3.71-M33-v2, now that 3.72 is out and we have a Spanish made 3.72-HX immediately. Looks like PSP is not only undying, but its getting real hot!

You must have 78% battery and be running this on 3.71 M33 or 3.71 M33-2. No other firmware is supported.Run the archive to extract the files. Then place the UPDATE folder in the /PSP/GAMEFolder and then run the update from your PSP’s Game Menu. When the update is finished, you must follow the on screen prompt to press X and restart your PSP. Remember if you have any plug-ins to re-enable them in the recovery menu.

But a word of caution. If you are running PSX games on your PSP, DO NOT upgrade. This FW does not yet support PSX games.

Download at:

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